Need to re-publish your job post? No problem!

by Marcus Andrews in TechieJobs TechieJobs Features

Posted on December 07, 2020

Need to re-publish your job post? No problem!

As you may know regular job posts on our website expire 60 days after the publication date. Sometimes that timeframe is not long enough to find a good candidate, especially for senior or exclusive positions. In such cases recruiters or employers may want to extend the job post. And it's not a problem on TechieJobs!

If your job post has expired but you still need your job post up, you can re-publish it by using "Re-publish" button at the bottom of the job post edit form. Once you click that button, we will automatically add up to 30 days to your job post expiration date.

Notice that you can edit the expiry date of you job post and expire it once your position is fullfileld or extend it if you still need the job post up. Keep in mind though that we do not allow regular job posts to be up for more than 120 days. If you need a job post after 120 days, we recommend to create a new job post.


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