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Please read carefully this Terms and Conditions of Use agreement ("Agreement") before using this website (Website), accessible through the domains techiejobs.co, techiejobs.ca and techiejobs.co.uk (including sub-domains), and its services. Please note that this Agreement shall govern your use of this Website.

By using this Website and its services, you agree with all parts of this Agreement and all terms written below and in our Privacy Policy.

Important: If you disagree with this Agreement or any part of this Agreement, or any part of our Privacy Policy, you must not use this Website.

By using this Website, you agree that you are of age 18 (eighteen) or older. You also acknowledge all potential risks and responsibility of making any actions on this Website such as submitting personal information when creating an account, making purchases with credit card or any other payment method, applying for jobs and using links to external websites posted on this Website.

General terms and definitions

TechieJobs (Website) – this website (accessible through https://www.techiejobs.co, https://www.techiejobs.ca, https://www.techiejobs.co.uk and their subdomains), its team, legal entity, founders and other associates.

Visitor - an individual who visits this Website (for example by using a web browser or a special software that allows to access and browse websites).

User (aka website user, user profile) – is a person or company who is registered with TechieJobs and has data records with certain information in our database(s) (for example: email, password) that allows us to identify the User on our Website.

Account - is a unique record in our database(s) that is used for connecting a user (or multiple users) and services offered on our Website. Account information may require payment details in order to use our trial or/and paid services.

Subscription – a method that offers periodic (trial, monthly, yearly) use or access to our services. Subscription is associated with an Account and billed on a monthly or yearly basis, or provided as free trial if applicable.

Partner - a third-party service provider, website or company.

Job publisher - a User that is a recruiter, an employer, a company or an individual that submitted a job post for publishing on this Website.

Candidate - a User that uses this Website to search for job posts, apply to job posts and submit resumes.

1. General notes

1.1 TechieJobs is an online job board that allows recruiters and direct employers to publish job postings, search for candidates and connect with them. TechieJobs also publishes job postings from partner job boards and from other public online job boards, career pages and other public sources.

1.2 TechieJobs provides services related to job search, recruiting, job resume generation and online tests for IT and other professionals. We are primarily focused on the job postings related to IT industry and engineering.

1.3 This Website, its content, and all links to internal or/and external pages are provided on "as is" basis and are used only at the sole risk of Visitors and Users. Any kind of use of the information, including but not limited to job postings, published on this Website is at your own risk.

1.4 This Website does not represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of any information or advertisements contained on, distributed through, or linked, downloaded or accessed from any of the services contained on this Website, nor the quality of any information, products or/and services purchased, or obtained by you as a result of an advertisement or any other information published on this Website.

1.5 TechieJobs is not responsible for any kind of re-publishing of the content (texts, images, videos, comments) published on this Website without rightsholder's permission.

1.6 TechieJobs will take necessary steps to validate and provide quality content from trusted sources. However, TechieJobs cannot be responsible for the quality of services provided by third-parties promoted on this Website or promoted in the marketing/information emails sent from TechieJobs to the Users.

2. User Accounts and Billing Information

2.1 Users must provide valid email address in order to activate their Accounts and use TechieJobs services that require an Account. The provided email address will be used by TechieJobs to send important system or user or account updates, newsletters, issue monthly or yearly invoices (if applicable) and other billing and tax information (if applicable).

2.2 It is User's responsibility to provide valid and accurate personal or corporate information, billing address and tax information. The provided address and tax information will be used by TechieJobs to issue monthly or yearly invoices (if applicable) and other billing statements (if applicable).

2.3 It is User's responsibility to provide valid tax information. The provided tax information will be used by TechieJobs to calculate all necessary and additional taxes (if applicable) and total amounts when issue monthly or yearly invoices (if applicable) and other billing statements (if applicable).

2.4 Users may choose to sign up or/and sign in with oAuth method via social networks such as LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, etc. or services like Apple ID. By doing so, users acknowledge that TechieJobs will request user's personal information which may include email address, full name, age, hometown, birthday, gender, work experience and other public information that social networks can return. This information will be then stored in TechieJobs databases and used by TechieJobs to authenticate and identify the user, provide personalized content and better user experience, and also for internal statistical purposes.

2.5 Users may delete their user information and accounts associates with their user profiles at any time. Deleting user profiles will lead to deleting (or anonymizing) all personal and/or corporate information from TechieJobs database(s). Users must acknowledge that once the profile information (and if applicable account information) is deleted it cannot be restored.

2.6 TechieJobs may block or delete any account (free or paid) and associated user information at any time with or without notice, and with or without a refund (if applicable) if suspicious activity such as account abuse, service abuse, SPAM or fraudulent activity is detected. Account owners may be asked to provide additional documents to confirm their identify in order to unblock blocked accounts.

3. Accessing website and services

3.1 TechieJobs is not responsible for any problems with Internet connectivity caused by your Internet Service Provider which may cause problems with accessing this Website.

3.2 TechieJobs is not responsible for any problems with Internet connectivity caused by global/worldwide connectivity issues (i.e. hacker attacks or/and global network/DNS outages) which may cause problems with accessing this Website.

3.3 This WebSite is hosted on servers provided by third party partners. The TechieJobs team is not responsible for any problems with accessing this Website if the problem is caused by network or hardware issues on the partner's side.

3.4 TechieJobs can temporarily or permanently deny your access to this Website from your IP address due to inappropriate actions made from your IP address such as posting SPAM, hacking attempts or service abuse.

4. Services

4.1 TechieJobs provides with the services related to online job postings and recruiting, job searches and job application, job resume generation, online tests and other online services.

4.2 From time to time TechieJobs may add additional services and features to the existing account subscriptions with or without notice. TechieJobs also reserves the right to remove services from the existing subscriptions with or without a notice, move services between subscription plans, change service functionality and features, change used technologies, make changes into user experience, etc.

4.3 TechieJobs provides services "as is" and does not guarantee any positive or negative results, or any benefits to the Users and Visitors of this Website. In other words we cannot guarantee that candidates will find jobs or recruiters will find the right candidates by using our website. However, we will do our best to help you achieve your goals and reach satisfactory results.

4.4 TechieJobs offers free and paid services. Users must provide accurate payment details in order to use paid services. Some free services may require user registration and email address verification.

4.5 TechieJobs has the right to choose the technologies for listed services and reserves the right to use custom algorithms to rank and display search and match results.

4.6 Our website may offer users to participate in surveys and quick polls. Unless otherswise is specified in the survey or poll, all surveys and polls are confidential. We encourage users to not submit multiple answers in the same survey or quick poll. To keep surveys and polls accurate, TechieJobs may use your IP address and/or HTTP cookies to prevent multiple answers in the same survey or quick poll from your computer. It is a solely voluntary desire of the user to participate in surveys and quick polls. TechieJobs will not offer any type of compensation for participation in a survey or quick poll displayed on our website.

5. Services for employers and recruiters

5.1 TechieJobs offers online tools for employers and job recruiters. These services are provided in free and paid packages and may include but not limited to the following features:

  • Job postings and job advertisements.
  • Accepting job applications from candidates
  • Search for candidates by certain criteria

5.2 Job publishers must acknowledge that every submitted job post is subject to review by TechieJobs moderators. TechieJobs reserves the right to reject with or without notice your job post if we find the submitted job post is inappropriate or contrains inappropriate content (text, image, information, etc.).

5.3 Job publishers must acknowledge that job posts only allowed if contain information about job real (existing) opportunities.

5.4 Job publishers agree to provide accurate information when submit their job posts on this Website.

5.5 Job publishers must acknowledge that job posts that contain information not directly related to real job opportunities, or that contain inappropriate information or lexicons (swear words), or contain SPAM, or contain inaccurate or misleading information, or contain advertisements that was not directly permitted by TechieJobs will be rejected and deleted without notice.

5.6 Job publishers agree that candidates search tools and candidates match tools provided on this Website are provided "as is" and do not guarantee accurate search results.

5.7 As job publisher you agree that TechieJobs has the right to display links to similar or sponsored job posts on your job post's web page. We display such links in a special section on the web page and we do for better user experience of the job seekers visiting our website.

6. Services for job seekers

6.1 TechieJobs offers tools for job seekers. These tools and services may include but not limited to the following features:

  • Job search by keywords, location and other criteria;
  • Job listings filtered by location, category, skills, company name and other criteria;
  • Job resume generation. Users may build their resumes and store them in TechieJobs database. The resume may be then downloaded by User in certain formats (e.g. PDF or MS Word). Resumes may also be accessible by recruiters.
  • Electronic job alerts

6.2 Candidates must acknowledge that every submitted resume is subject to review by TechieJobs moderators. TechieJobs reserves the right to reject with or without notice your resume if we find the resume in question inappropriate.

6.3 Candidates must acknowledge that the resume will only be allowed if it contains information about real candidates.

6.4 Candidates must acknowledge that resumes that contain inappropriate information or lexicons (uncensored words), or contain SPAM, or contain misleading information, or contain advertisements that was not directly permitted by TechieJobs will be rejected and deleted without notice.

6.5 Candidates agree to provide accurate information when submit their resumes or/and apply for jobs on our Website.

6.6 Candidates must acknowledge that TechieJobs cannot guarantee that job application will be reviewed and accepted by the recruiter or employer that published job posts that User applied to.

6.7 Candidates agree that job search tools and job match tools provided on this Website are provided "as is" and do not guarantee accurate search results.

6.8 Candidates must acknowledge that in order to use job alert service provided on this Website Candidates must provide accurate email address and confirm their job alert subscription by using confirmation links included in job alert confirmation email sent by TechieJobs.

6.9. Candidates must acknowledge that submitting their email address in job alert forms Candidates give TechieJobs consent to process Candidates' data and send job alerts to provided email. Candidates may manage their job alerts in a special web form which can be accessed in password protected User's area or by clicking a link that is included in job alert email.

6.10. Candidates must acknowledge that by submitting their job applications on this Website the Candidates give TechieJobs consent to process and store the Candidates' data and send this data to the hiring party (recruiter or employer) that posted the job post.

7. Paid Services

7.1. Some services on this Website offered only with paid monthly subscriptions or require a one-time payment. Such services are typically marked as premium services, displayed with pricing details and require a valid credit card and pre-payment made by the user.

7.2. Prices and currencies for paid services may vary depending on our current marketing strategy and/or user's location (i.e. USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, etc.).

7.3. Discounted prices are typically rounded up (e.g. if the offered regular price is 24.99, the price with 50% discount will be 12.50)

7.4. It is the user's responsibility to provide accurate payment information and make payments on time in accordance with the selected payment plan (i.e. PRO, TEAM, CORPORATE, etc.) and payment schedule (i.e. monthly, yearly).

7.5. Any paid service can be automatically stopped by TechieJobs with or without notice if user fails to provide accurate payment information, or fails to make a payment on time.

7.6. Any paid service can be automatically stopped by TechieJobs with or without notice if the payment information provided by user is detected as fraudulent. In this case an automatic refund may be be issued.

7.7. All prices typically include all required sales taxes unless otherwise is specified.

7.8. TechieJobs does not process credit card payments nor does it store credit card details in its databases. We use trusted third-party services to process online payments such as Stripe, 2Checkout and PayPal. When making a purchase on this Website, users agree that their payment information will be sent to those third-parties and maybe stored in their databases. We encourage users to read third-party privacy policies before making any payments on this Website (Stripe Global Privacy Policy, Paypal Safety and Security, Legal Information and Resources). Users agree that TechieJobs is not liable for any data breaches that may occur on a third-party's side.

8. Free Trials

8.1 Certain paid membership plans or services may offer free trials.

8.2 The free trials shall last for 30 calendar days only, starting immediately from the moment of the signing up for the trial.

8.3 Unless otherwise is specified in the subscription form, all users siging up for the trials are required to provide valid payment method and tax information.

8.4 After the free trial, the full price for selected service or membership plan will be charged.

8.5 Users not wishing to continue the service or membership after or before the free trial ends must cancel the service or membership from their account setting page.

8.6 Free trials may not be available in all countries and regions.

8.7 TechieJobs has the right to remove free trial offer at any time.

8.8 Some features and services may be not available or may be limited while in the trial.

8.9 A notice will be send should the payment fail after the free trial ends. It is the user's responsibility to make sure that the payment information is correct and up to date to allow successful renewals.

9. Fraud and service abuse, right to revoke subscription

9.1 TechieJobs team is constantly using internal and external tools to monitor new and existing registrations and subscriptions to prevent fraudulent transactions and service (account) abuse.

9.2 Any free or paid subscription can be blocked and/or revoked at any time with or without notice if fraudulent activity or fraud signals detected. A refund to the credit card used for account registration may be issued if subscription in question is paid.

9.3 TechieJobs may request additional proofs to identify account and credit card holders.

9.4 TechieJobs leaves the right to notify authorities about fraudulent transactions, and transfer all needed details about transactions to the authorities if requested.

9.5 TechieJobs may block newly registered accounts if account abuse is detected. Example: a single individual is trying to register multiple free accounts from a single or multiple IP addresses.

9.6 TechieJobs reserves the right to suspend or cancel a subscription without reimbursement of membership fees in case of a breach by the subscriber of his/her contractual obligations, including but not limited to, all obligations set out in the TechieJobs General Rules section included in the membership agreement as well as the behavioral obligations to be adopted within the facilities, financial obligations, as well as for any other serious reason.

10. Personal information and privacy

10.1 For more details refer to our Privacy Policy.

11. Limitations on Liability, and Remedies

11.1 TechieJobs will not be liable for any damages or losses, including direct, indirect, consequential, special, incidental, or punitive damages, including without limitation damages for lost profits, goodwill, use, data, or other tangible or intangible losses, in connection with use of the internet, this Website, its Content, or its links, however caused, whether in contract, tort, negligence, strict liability or otherwise, even if TechieJobs has been advised of the possibility of such damages. TechieJobs will not be a party to, and will have no responsibility or liability for, any transaction negotiated or arranged by a User arising in connection with this Website. In any event, if any of the above provisions in this section are not enforceable in an applicable jurisdiction, the maximum liability of TechieJobs will be limited to, in the sole discretion of TechieJobs, either the (1) correction or deletion of any inaccurate service, content or link; or (2) full or partial refund of any subscription fees paid on this Website and received by TechieJobs from User.

12. Ads and Advertisement

12.1 TechieJobs.co may display third-party advertisements on this Website.

12.2 TechieJobs.co will take serious steps to prevent any kind of inaccurate, obscene or fraudulent ads to be displayed on this Website. We will carefully select only trusted advertisers and proper ads to make sure that our visitors will see only high quality and trusted ads. However, TechieJobs.co cannot guarantee the quality of any services or products purchased or received for free other than on this Website. TechieJobs.co is not responsible for any kind of lose that you may experience when using service from a third party advertised on this Website.

13. Communication

13.1 The quality of communication with our Users is one of our top priorities.

13.2 In most cases we use email to communicate with Users.

13.3 Be advised that the email provided in the subscription form will be used by TechieJobs to send any kind of useful, important and critical information.

13.4 Users and visitors may communicate with the TechieJobs.co team via contact form that can be found on our Website. We will do our best to answer your questions as soon as possible. However, we may leave without response the messages that are not directly related to our business, our services provided by TechieJobs.

13.5 TechieJobs leaves the right to use User's email provided in the registration form for further communication in order to get User's feedback on our services and services provided by our partners. We do it in order to constantly improve our service and improve your experience with our web sites, partners and third-party suppliers.

13.6 TechieJobs may occasionally send promotional emails to User if the User agreed to receive those by checking or leaving checked a special checkbox in the subscription (or User profile) form. The promotional emails may contain information about TechieJobs's new services, new features and other updates related to TechieJobs. The promotional emails may also contain information about third-party businesses directly or indirectly related TechieJobs's business.

14. Changes to This Statement

14.1 This Agreement can be updated from time to time. When we make significant or important changes to this Agreement, we will also revise the "last updated" date at the bottom of this page.

14.2 We encourage you to periodically review this Agreement to stay informed about how we are protecting your rights. Your continued use of this Website constitutes your acceptance of updated Agreement.

15. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

15.1 This Agreement, your use of the Website and Service, and all related matters are governed solely by the provincial laws of Quebec (Canada) and applicable federal laws of Canada, excluding any rules of international laws or the conflict of laws which would lead to the application of any other laws.

Last updated: November 27, 2020