Senior Web Developer

IT InfraSource, Reston, VA (United States)

Category: Programming

Posted on: 20 Nov 2020

Job Description

 Supporting the Office of the Chief Financial Officer DC
Full-Time - 2235 Shannon Place Southeast, Washington, DC, USA
Compensation options: W2 with health benefits and 20 company paid days: $40 /hour or 1099: $56 /hour

The ideal candidate will have 11-15 years of experience and would have performed specialized programming and technical work for website and Internet development.

Our client is seeking to acquire a senior Dot Net Web Developer to support the day-to-day projects within the Office of the Chief Information Officer. Some of the primary responsibilities of this role would include designing, modifies, developing, writing and implementing software programming applications and components. The Dot Net Web Developer role requires a service-oriented mentality, high ownership of the problems and requests assigned, focus on managing and resolving issues in alignment with the SLAs, establishing and maintaining communication with technology customers to keep them updated with request status. Initiating and performing changes on production systems and proactively escalating any issues that cannot be resolved within the established timeframes. Will work closely with client and various District agencies to define needs or issues and analyzes problems and advise on or recommend solutions.

1.Designs, develops, enhances, debugs, and implements software. Troubleshoots production problems related to Web and software applications.

2. Researches, tests, build, and coordinate the conversion and/or integration of new products based on client requirements. Designs and develops new software or major enhancements to existing software applications.

3. Addresses problems of systems integration, compatibility, and multiple platforms.

4. Consults with project teams and end users to identify application requirements.

5. Performs feasibility analysis on potential future projects to management.

6. Assists in the evaluation and recommendation of application software packages, application integration and testing tools.

7. Resolves problems with software and responds to suggestions for improvements and enhancements.

8. Acts as team leader on projects.

9. Instructs, assigns, directs, and checks the work of other software developers on development team.

Performs programming and technical work for website and Internet development.

Minimum Education/Certification Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree in IT or related field or equivalent experience

Company DescriptionIT InfraSource is a strategic technology planning and consulting company. Our mission is to provide simplified and cost-effective technical solutions for State, Local, and Education (SLED) government institutions and small and medium-sized business (SMB) . We are here to ensure that the technical solutions provided are understood; not over excessive nor inadequate ensuring the best costs. We are certified by the Department of Small and Local Business Development (DSLBD) as a Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) and are openly looking for teaming opportunities.

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