Voice Network Engineer

MWIDM Inc., Phoenix, AZ (United States)

Category: IT Admin / DevOps

Posted on: 31 Oct 2019

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Job Title: Network Engineer (Telephony)

Job Duration: 6 months Contract (extended up to 12 months)

Job Location: San Antonio TX 78259


What does a typical work day look like? (How much time will be spent in meetings? Etc)1-2 hrs. /day in mtgs. Remainder design/config/testing

Project Description:

· How does this project impact the business? Insures Telephony and network access is up and working without conflict

· How does your team impact the business? Insures Telephony and network access is up and working without conflict

· What does the team environment look like? Onsite IT and refinery IT resource interaction

· What is the interaction level this resource will have with the team? The manager? Face to face, Skype, Teams and emails

· Why should candidates be interested in this role/project? (Discuss the competitive market and any unique selling points for Client) Using latest and greatest Cisco software

Job Description:

· Will Perform Call Manager Version Upgrades on Published Subscriber

· Design and Implementation UC Infrastructure in Virtualized environment experience

Top 3-4 Required Skills (and years of experience):

· Cisco Call Manager Admin and technical experience 5+ years

· Re-IP Project Experience 5+ years

· Configuring Voice Gateways and Routers 5+ years

Preferred Skills:

· Ability to work independently with minimal supervision

· Excellent verbal communication skills

· How will the performance be measured? Quality of work performed, timeliness, ability to convey professional presence, ability to get along with others.

· Required Certifications/Testing: CCNA/CCNP? Preferred but not required

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