HPC Consultant

DownUnder GeoSolutions Pty Ltd, Houston, TX (United States)

Category: Other techies

Posted on: 13 Aug 2019

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  • bash
  • linux
  • porting
  • performance

DUG McCloud is an HPC as a Service cloud offering open for use by the Oil and Gas industry and any other industry that has a need for HPC.  Part of the service is an offer to help port, optimise and tune codes for optimal use on DUG McCloud.

 The HPC Consultant will work with the end users to perform porting, optimisation and tuning. 


  • Work with customers to achieve successful use of DUG McCloud

  • Benchmark customer codes against different hardware within DUG McCloud

  • Port, optimise and tune codes for optimal performance on DUG McCloud

  • Work with vendors to benchmark new hardware

  • Understand existing and new hardware and how it might benefit DUG McCloud


  • Ability to install complex unix packages and dependencies.

  • Programming ability in at least one of C, C++, Fortran

  • Ability to program with at least one of OpenMP, MPI, OpenAAC, Cuda or pthreads

  • Code optimisation techniques

  • Strong problem solving skills

  • Ability to use batch queueing systems

  • Bash scripting

  • An understanding of modern computer, network and IO architecture

  • An understanding of parallel IO and various parallel file systems

  • Experience with team collaboration and version control, ideally git


  • A true Bash expert

  • Python scripting

  • Network performance and tuning

  • I/O performance and tuning

  • Linux kernel tuning

  • Ability to vector program

  • Scientific programming background to understand a wide range of numerical algorithms and techniques

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