Algorithm Engineer

Airviz Inc., Pittsburgh, PA United States

Category: Programming

Posted on: 11 Oct 2018

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Key Responsibilities

Airviz Inc. is seeking applications for full and part-time positions in sensor engineering, algorithm development, and data analysis. We are currently developing affordable and cutting-edge sensor technology to be integrated into several very-large-volume commercial products. As we are a small team, every member of the company fills multiple roles. We are looking to find a core team member who is willing to adapt to changing roles and responsibilities as the need arises, and be willing to learn new skills and work outside of her or his comfort zones.

One primary responsibility involves improving and maintaining a cloud-based estimation algorithm that processes data for a commercial product. The algorithm is written in Python and is currently gathering data from several thousand sensors per day, with an expected linear increase in uploaded data. Responsibilities include monitoring the time-series data from sensors using aggregate methods and qualitative evaluation, and, as more data is collected, refinement of the algorithm's outlier detection, precision, and accuracy. Machine learning experience is encouraged, as the algorithm is estimating a quantity that has no ground truth. Skills relevant to this project include, but are not limited to: data processing algorithms, Python, machine learning, and time-series analysis.

Contingent on your prompt application and subsequent hiring, you will work closely with a mentor for the first few weeks in order to rapidly transfer company knowledge and needed skills. If this position is of interest but you do not possess every desired skill listed here, please apply; the strong desire to learn outside of your comfort zone is one of the most important traits, and we will attempt to rapidly bring you up to speed.

As this position is of critical importance to the success of the project and the company, the applicant must be prepared for her or his contributions to significantly impact the direction and success of the company. Your responsibilities will be personalized to your strengths and passions. Salaries will be very competitive, and positions will also provide opportunities for interaction within the academic CMU CREATE Lab. Hard work and superb collaboration with the team may yield opportunities for advancement.


Bachelor-level degree in a related field such as computer science or robotics. M.S. or PhD is preferred. Data analysis skills including quantitative and qualitative assessment of time-series sensor measurements Familiarity with algorithm development and machine learning Statistical methods for signal processing Python or the ability to rapidly learn Python Version control and documentation Strong interpersonal skills (see below) Some level of knowledge regarding air quality and/or airborne particulate matter is highly valued Applicants should have appropriate work permit Interpersonal Skills

Strong commitment to CREATE Lab's mission and motivations. An interest in ethics, technology, and its effects (positive and negative) on society Punctuality and adherence to critical deadlines Strong internal and external communication skills in written and verbal actions. Proactive communication and transparency in your creative process is important. Critical thinker and observer who can give and accept feedback as part of a small team. Strong emotional intelligence that shows via interpersonal relationships, social awareness, resilience, empathy, and listening. Self-motivated with the drive to work independently and the wisdom to know when to ask for help.

About Airviz Airviz, maker of the Speck air quality sensor and the most recent daughter company of the CREATE Lab at Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute, is inventing new technologies that empower citizens everywhere to take control of their indoor air quality and improve their quality of life. As a Pittsburgh startup company with funding already secured and a deep culture of collaboration with CREATE, we are ready to hire a strong Pittsburgh-based team members who will develop and manage the interactive code for new products in our development line and for the Speck monitor.

Our team is small and we are a rapidly developing tech startup. It is critical that applicants are driven to meet and exceed expectations while remaining exceptionally adaptive to new challenges and shifting priorities. Meeting individual deadlines will be critical to the success of the company at large. Occasionally, this may involve working beyond normal hours in order to complete tasks on time. Because we are driven by milestones, this also allows us to be very flexible with hours and personal needs as long as task expectations are being met, and we pride ourselves on a supportive and personal work environment. Like us, applicants should be driven by the concept of empowerment through the democratization of science and personal health, and the application of technology to address social and economic disparity.

Airviz will begin interviews on a rolling basis until positions are filled. The compensation package will be generous and competitive. Please email your CV to Sara Longo, Operations Manager at Airviz, to be considered for a position.

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