Senior System Engineer with Grafana

Posted 12 Sep 2018


New York, NY United States

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  • Senior System Engineer experience with Grafana

    At Railroad19, we develop customized software solutions and provide software development services. 
    We are currently seeking a Senior Infrastructure Engineer that is proficient in building Grafana network and infrastructure dashboards.   They would prefer you on site for 1-2 days a week and they may be able to allocate a desk to other location in NY, NJ or CT area.  

    At Railroad19, you are part of a company that values your work and gives you the tools you need to succeed. We are headquartered in Saratoga Springs, New York, but we are a distributed team of developers across the US. 

    Core responsibilities:

    • Understand our client's fast-moving business requirements

    • Negotiate appropriate solutions with multiple stake-holders

    • Build network and infrastructure dashboard through Grafana

    • Data would be extracted from SolarWinds, Dataminer and other SQL Databases or SNMP queries

    • Dashboard would be consumed by an internal user population for the Fortune 100 company, not public or external entities

    • Metrics and data presented in Grafana would include network equipment, circuit performance data, error information etc.

    • Development efforts would include building a configuration file that could be modified easily to add more node of circuits without incurring additional development efforts

    Skills & Experience:

    • Several years’ experience preferably building infrastructure or network dashboards

    • ability to travel to the office a few times

    • Experience working with Grafana or other opensource dashboards

    • Strong problem-solving skills handling network environments and firewall issue preferably.

    • Experience with various data sources

Job Source: Stackoverflow
Job Source: Stackoverflow

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