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Posted 09 Sep 2018


London, GB United Kingdom

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We are recruiting full-time Back End Engineers to work on the DAZN live sports streaming product to build back end microservices, API's and AWS systems using the best and most current tools that are available to you.

We give our Engineers autonomy over the software they build and offer the freedom to choose the right tools for the job. In return, we encourage you take ownership of the systems you build; that means you're responsible for the operational health of your services and you're empowered and encouraged to fix operational issues in real time.

Our Software Engineers are the software owners and the heart and soul of our feature teams. In addition to delivering great product features our Senior Engineers are also expected to provide technical leadership in the team and help mentor other team members.

About You!

Our stack is written in Node.js but we don't expect you to be an authority! We take the view that a talented software engineer can take up a new language with ease, of all the skills needed to be a success in our team Node.js is the easiest one to pick up! We cannot stress enough that you don't have to tick every box to be able to apply! We will provide you with the challenges and mentorship to help you gain experience and grow as an engineer.

Our systems are hosted entirely in AWS, they need to be both scalable and resilient (there's no "come back in 30 mins" when you're streaming live events!)

Here's what we value in our Back End Team:

  • Cloud (preferably AWS): familiarity with both infrastructure-as-a-service as well as managed services such as databases and queues, experience with Lambda is a bonus!

  • Scalability: Building systems with millions of users.

  • Resilience: Building highly available systems.

  • DevOps: Experience with infrastructure and deployment automation in a cloud environment. Do you make your services operationally ready for production? Have you been on call for your services?

  • Performance: Diagnosing performance issues and optimizing applications at different levels - in the code, at the infrastructure level (e.g. OS/network), at the application level (end-to end through all these managed AWS services)

  • Security: Are you familiar with common attack vectors and leading practices to mitigate them?

  • Software Engineering Practices : Up to date on the latest and most adopted principles; Testing, Source control, Code reviews, debugging, continuous integration, continuous, delivery, continuous deployment.

Again, you don't have to tick every box to be able to apply!

None of us are experts in every one of these areas, there's simply not enough time in the world to be good at everything! We want a diverse range of people with different strengths, ideas and experience so as a team we can learn from each other. Together we can make a stronger team than the sum of the individuals.

Join us and be part of the journey of making this happen building a strong, innovative and disruptive engineering culture and a fun, vibrant workplace.

Find out more at or connect with me for an initial informal chat.

DAZN is an ambitious project with a fast release cycle that has scalability not only from a user point of view but also from a developer perspective. Imagine a tech start up culture but with the security and backing from a well established global content and media agency.

We are developing a set of single page applications using a "Micro Frontends" architecture built with React and Mobx, while our backend uses a Microservices architecture written in Node.JS. We deploy to AWS using Docker containers with Amazon ECS and Serverless with AWS Lambda, and build/change our infrastructure using infrastructure-as-code through Terraform.

Job Source: Stackoverflow
Job Source: Stackoverflow

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