Professions with the lowest risk of mass layoffs named

by Marcus Andrews in TechieJobs Tech News

Posted on November 29, 2020

Professions with the lowest risk of mass layoffs named

Data entry clerks, administrative and executive secretaries, accountants and auditors may face massive layoffs by 2025. Human Resources specialists and customer service workers are also among the least demanded professions in many countries, according to the report of the World Economic Forum "The Future of Jobs Report".

The experts also named mechanics, repairmen, factory workers and salesmen among those who risk facing layoffs in a maximum of five years. The most popular among the employers will be specialists in artificial intelligence (aka AI), machine learning and Big Data, the report says.

Also in demand will be software developers, specialists in wholesale trade and business process optimization, internet marketers, database administrators, as well as business service sales managers.

"The future of work has already arrived for a large majority of the online white-collar workforce. Eighty-four percent of employers are set to rapidly digitalize working processes, including a significant expansion of remote work — with the potential to move 44% of their workforce to operate remotely", - the report also says. Obviously, the COVID-19 situation will contribute even more into this shift.

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