Senior Platform Engineer - Revolutionary eCommerce Platform - San Francisco

Posted 31 Jul 2018

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San Francisco, CA United States

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Company: Teespring
Position: Senior Platform Engineer
Tech stack: Ruby/Rails, AWS, Docker, TDD, CI/CD, React
Location: San Francisco (occasional remote working allowed)
Salary: $150K - $180K (experience dependent) + equity + unlimited vacation policy
Funding to date: $62M over 5 funding rounds

Software engineering at Teespring happens in pods: small, fast-moving, full-stack teams with a set of goals that drive their roadmaps. As a senior engineer, you are expected to contribute extensively across the codebase in order to achieve those goals in an efficient yet maintainable way. We will look to you as a thought leader, mentor, and guide to the other engineers on your pod and across the company.

As you grow with the role, you will take on, own, and deliver larger and more complex projects. We like to leave room in our roles so that individuals can pick up additional responsibilities they feel are important and impactful. Perhaps you think our interview process needs a reboot, or that we are missing an abstraction in our current architecture: we help you specify those goals and support you in achieving them.

As a senior engineer for the Platform team, we are looking for someone who:

  • Has 5+ years of professional engineering experience

  • Demonstrates a track record of delivering impactful technical projects

  • Can show that they have helped mentor and guide their peers

  • Can weigh complex technical options against each other and identify a path forward with incomplete information

  • Has strong opinions about software development methodology, and explain why and in what situations particular methods are effective

Job Source: Stackoverflow
Job Source: Stackoverflow

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