Software Engineer II

Vail Systems Inc.

Chicago, IL (United States)

Category: Programming

Posted on: 14 Sep 2021

continuous-integration web frontend backend git

Software Engineer II

Vail Systems is seeking a Software Engineer II who is passionate about building great web applications. You will work on a highly collaborative team of software engineers and other specialized roles. You will write and test code, assist in the technical design of features, troubleshoot, and contribute to weekly team meetings.

The ideal candidate will have a strong background in programming and building complex web applications. The person will have knowledge of data structures, modern web frameworks, software design patterns, source control and be excited to continue to learn and build their skills.

What you’ll do:

    Write code daily
    Solve complex technical problems to complete tasks
    Contribute to automated test suites at all levels of the test pyramid
    Help estimate delivery time for requested features on the product roadmap
    Promote a healthy level of technical documentation
    Contribute to continuous team improvement
    Review teammates code in a merge/pull request format
    Assist with product deployment processes
    Mentor other Software Engineers
    Collaborate with other team members to solve problems creatively
    Be a trusted team member that delivers on your commitments

Minimum qualifications:

    A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Programming, or another related field
    2-4+ years of experience in web application development
    Familiarity with the software development lifecycle
    Knowledge of front-end and back-end development
    Knowledge of standard software design patterns
    Experience working with software engineers in a highly technical environment
    Experience with source control at Git
    Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Preferred qualifications:

    4+ years of experience in web application development
    Strong experience in TypeScript or JavaScript
    Experience with GraphQL or ReactJS
    Experience with continuous integration, continuous deployment (CI/CD)
    Experience with Kubernetes, Jenkins, or Docker
    Mentorship experience

About Us

The human voice is capable of conveying nuances and meaning that just can’t be expressed through clicks and text messages. And for that reason, voice interactions have always had a special power to shape your perception and experiences. At Vail, we believe in the unique power of voice interactions to create more expressive, more intimate, and more efficient interpersonal interactions. Our experts work with Fortune 500 companies to help them serve their customers more efficiently and effectively through the use of various voice technologies. From basic network services, to state-of-the-art IP telephony, to cutting edge real-time analytics, Vail technology makes millions of voice interactions better every day.

Organizational Culture

AtVail Systemswe strive to cultivate asupportivecultureof continuous learningwhere employeesare encouraged toachieve both personal and team goalsby providing innovative telephonysolutionsthatenhance customercontact centerexperiences.We entrust our employeesto work autonomously and alsoencouragecontributionto the decision-making process in a highly collaborative environment where open communication is fostered amongst teams.Product development is centered around the end user to ensure Vail’s products are efficient, productive and add value for our clients.

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Job Source: Stackoverflow (Will expire by: 2021-10-29 00:00:00)

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