Java Full Stack Developer

C4 Technical Services

Minneapolis, MN (United States)

Category: Programming

Posted on: 23 Feb 2021

Agile AngularJS Cloud Java JavaScript Kubernetes MongoDb Oracle Python ReactJS

Job Description

Full Stack Developer IV
Richfield, MN
One Year
Tell us about your department:
Enterprise Data Platform - Adaptive Platform for Experimentation
Project Description:
Our team APEX does online experimentation for user experiences. We are currently building a platform for continuous learning and personalization with the goal of leveraging it throughout the Best Buy organization. This includes a modular and extendible system for both A/B testing as well as leveraging turnkey machine learning models for contextual decision-making across business domains.
Position Summary/Job Description:
The Engineer will participate in the full software delivery lifecycle. This involves a mix of working with the agile product owner to understand desired behavior; developing a software architecture; documenting designs for socialization; decomposing work for execution; and implementing, testing, reviewing & deploying the work produced.
The team is an on-site mix of engineers and testers working primarily on the delivery of new Java/JS/python-based cloud capabilities.
Developers who are interested in a mixture of applied architecture and hands-on coding will find this assignment highly rewarding.
Engineer will be working in full stack development and python-based application.
How much time will the resource spend pair programming?
40 hrs/week
Skills Overview:
What are the top five skills and number of years of experience required to perform this job?
• 6+ years of experience programming in object-oriented languages, with a majority of this time working in Java.
• 1+ years of development experience in one or more of JavaScript technologies like ReactJS, AngularJS and other JS technologies
• Hands-on work experience in database technologies like Oracle, Cassandra or MongoDB.
• Hands-on work experience with regards to at least two or more of the following:
o Data engineering & server-side integration work, particularly with distributed clusters and frameworks
o Object-oriented analysis and design & design patterns
o Server-side RESTful microservices
o Programming for concurrency & scalability
• Experience working on teams using agile methodologies
What are some preferred/nice to have skills the manager is looking for?
• Ability to do development in python
• Experience in working with NoSQL databases
• Asynchronous messaging platforms, particularly Kafka
• Container orchestration frameworks like Kubernetes or OpenShift
• Experience in working with Google cloud

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