Full Stack Developer - Financial Services

Gables Search Group, Inc.

Charlotte, NC (United States)

Category: Programming

Posted on: 23 Feb 2021

Agile API C# C++ DevOps Java Linux MySQL Oracle PostgreSQL Python SQL Windows

Job Description

We are looking for a Full Stack Developer to support our Hedge Fund customers and assist with the development and support of a feature-rich application, robust data management and analytics platform, tooling, and reporting systems, for servicing the client financial data needs.



    Expanding and modernizing the client data management services utilizing APIs.Configuring and enhancing current tools to support cross-platform product services.Build validation, analytics, and reporting tools in support of new data management and data analytics products.Strengthen data structures and encapsulate API endpoints to support external products.Utilize SQL to build automation tools for data QA & QC.Provide support for data integration, backend services, and related API system.


Required Experience:

    High level of knowledge in any of the following languages (Java, Python, C#, C++, C, Objective-C ).Experience in engineering databases, algorithms, APIs, and data structures.Strong foundation with OOP concepts (Inheritance, Encapsulation, Abstraction, Polymorphism).Proficient with test-driven development and automation process.Direct experience working with large and complex data sets.Agile team mentality and perseverance with strong time management and prioritization skills.Ability to thrive as a self-starter in a start-up environment, quickly adapt, and constantly learn.

Desired Experience:

    Experience with SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, DB2 or other database platforms.Worked with ORM framework like Hibernate/JPA for mapping Java classes with databases.Experience with integrations using ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) workflows and automation.Worked with Analytics/Rules engines, Financial data, Risk, Accounting, or other Finance concepts.Comfortable collaborating with DevOps engineers practicing CI/CD methodologiesExperience refactoring and creating automation DevOps tools.Linux & Windows OS/ Servers.


    Comprehensive healthcare (Medical and Dental)FSA Plan401(k)Flexible schedule (Healthy Work/Life Balance)Competitive PTO (Vacation, Sick, Bereavement, and Maternity/ Paternity leave)

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