Senior Research Leader, Ad Platforms


San Jose, CA (United States)

Category: Programming

Posted on: 23 Feb 2021


At Apple, we work every day to create products that enrich peoples lives. Our Ad Platforms group makes it possible for people around the world to easily access informative and imaginative content on their devices while helping publishers and developers promote and monetize their work. Our technology and services power advertising in Apple News and Search Ads in App Store. Our platforms are highly-performant, deployed at scale, and setting new standards for enabling effective advertising while protecting user privacy.
We are looking for a senior research leader who can thrive in an Agile environment. You will drive strategic outcomes through substantial innovation programs across multiple fields by leading the development and application of advanced techniques and algorithms to improve our ad network. You have, or will develop a deep understanding of the ad network behavior, and will work with product management and business leadership to develop and prioritize an innovation roadmap across multiple technical domains. You will lead the function that conceives of, develops, and delivers state of the art capabilities that differentiate our products and are core to our business.
You will drive step-change improvements in our outcomes, and formulate our approaches to greenfield product opportunities. You and your colleagues will work end-to-end to bring the product capabilities that unlock those opportunities, from ideation and definition of research hypotheses, to leading execution working with other researchers and engineers.
- Lead the innovation agenda for a rapidly growing, unique advertising business
- Leverage diversity to fuel that innovation
- Work on unusually complex technical problems, providing solutions that are highly innovative and ingenious, impacting Apple and/or industry
- Review state-of-the-art research relevant to problems the Ad Platforms Algorithms team is working on, and determine approaches to apply that research to our work
- Identify opportunities to improve the capabilities we deliver in terms of revenue and profitability, performance, explainability, stability, robustness, etc.
- Work with team leadership to set research and development roadmap to deliver benefit to Ad Platforms, designing and suggesting improvements across multiple domains
- Build a team of top researchers who work with the larger engineering team day-to-day to drive our product innovation
- Participate and lead Apple internal Data Science & Machine learning interest groups, meet ups, and conferences
- Communicate at all levels of the company, presenting hypotheses, proposals, and experimental results, and making valuable contributions to the discussion of such contributions from colleagues in internal, Apple wide, and external professional settings
- Lead the team to take well-considered risks in our pursuit of solutions to difficult technical problems
- Navigate across Apple, pulling in peers where needed and providing valuable expertise across the company
In short, you will have the opportunity to lead our work in a fast growing business that positively impacts publishers, developers, and Apple users at global scale.

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