Data Analyst

IT Automation

Morrisville, NC (United States)

Category: Programming

Posted on: 23 Feb 2021

Agile DevOps

Job Description

IT Automation is looking for a Data Analyst to join our team in our office. The Data Analyst is responsible for managing our master data set and developing respective reports/visualizations.

The ideal person for this position has an exceptional eye for detail, expertise as a data analyst, and a solid understanding of popular data analysis tools. He/she will work closely with product owners across various lines of business to understand the objectives of the organization and prioritize any requirements.


    Manage data – Own the master data and all that it contains. Review and report all findings to appropriate parties. Explain the testing of data and the ability to import and process anything confidential according to the guidelines given. Create reports for the customer and internal users that can provide clarity trends as well as areas for improvement.Support data – Support the data warehouse in identifying and revising reporting requirements as well as initiatives for data integrity and normalization. Make recommendations for improvements and suggest ways to generate sales of our existing products by analyzing all trends. Compile business intelligence and trends to support actionable recommendations.



    Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Information Management or a related field1-2 years of experience as a data analyst or in a related fieldAbility to understand business needs and relay into easy to understand, non-technical languageHigh-level written and verbal communication skills


About IT automation:

IT Automation LLC is a global software development and IT services company offering cutting-edge technology solutions to meet business goals. We offer a full range of Managed IT, Staffing and Consulting services to help Fortune 500 companies build a competitive edge and sustain their position with a revenue growth and prospects. Our clients are businesses that use technology platforms to analyze, present data, develop enterprise applications and provide value-driven solutions.

The company is committed to provide value services to the highest level of quality, integrity and customer satisfaction by utilizing technology combined with durable and experienced workforce. We focus on delivering the highest level of customer support and training in all Information Technology Platforms.

Our goal is to improve the productivity through People – Process – Tools. It means, we deliver consulting services by value addition, understand and improve business processes in software development for a better and faster delivery, and our professional teams have a high degree of expertise to match your technology demands. We are pioneers in implementing automation frameworks and matured in DevOps culture. In doing so, we make use of the paradigms of Agile, Safe, and Lean to enhance clients’ value proposition and help them achieve greater success.


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