Senior Knowledge Engineer (Microbiology Data Engineer)

RICEFW Technologies Inc

St. Louis, MO (United States)

Category: Programming

Posted on: 22 Feb 2021

LESS Project Management Python

Job Description

Senior Knowledge Engineer (Microbiology Data Engineer)

Must have perfect English

Remote work now (for next 9 months)

Must be open to relocate to St. Louis in the future

Multi-year contract


- Microbiology, biomedical engineering, cellular biology or similar background / degree

- mathematics or logics background

- ability to work with large quantities of data

- understanding of data structures, databases, data engineering

Full Job Description:

Senior Knowledge Engineer (Data Engineer)

***Data Science group is looking for an experienced Knowledge Engineer/Data Engineer to help develop solutions for the next generation product concepts that will have a direct impact on the future of medical diagnostics.

The position involves all aspects of feasibility and design work focused on the application of data analytics, algorithm parameterization of expert systems, data curation and engineering to drive concepts from ideation through feasibility and into development. Additionally the Knowledge Engineer will be required to support currently launched products, including manufacturing process development, quality analytics, product evolution and change requests

The position will include collaboration and interaction with other scientists and engineers while prototyping, integrating and testing the technology for the next generation of diagnostic products for hospitals and laboratories. Coordination as a project team member with marketing, project management, quality analytics, manufacturing, regulatory and other functional areas will be required.

The Knowledge Engineer is expected to prototype and design to the goals of functionality and operational utility while considering long term architecture, solution universality, practicality, connectivity, and schedule commitments. The position requires the ability to perform critical analysis, work well in teams, and self-manage.


- Development of knowledge (algorithm parameterization) for complex expert and machine learning systems.

- Development of master data management strategies, processes and specifications.

- Conducts and participates in Technical Reviews

- Responsible for planning and managing technical tasks within the Data Science function, requiring close collaboration and coordination with other global engineering/scientific disciplines, departments, and third-party partners.

- Encourages best practices in Knowledge Engineering and Data Management and lead the utilization of advanced theories, methods and research techniques in product development and manufacturing.

- Complies with the design control guidelines and Quality requirements within the company's regulated ISO\ FDA environment.

- Builds relationships with external development partners and prospective technology partners; co-develop and drive projects with these partners.

- Mentors less experienced Knowledge Engineers in their technical development.

- Provides input into Performance Management on a project-by-project basis.

Position Requirements:

- Candidate must be well grounded in fundamentals of data management, data engineering and knowledge engineering.

- Proficient analytical, problem-solving and debugging skills.

- Understanding and willingness to self-learn the technologies used in this domain and to be up-to-date with the latest developments in the complex expert systems field both in academia and industry.

- Experience with MATLAB, SAS, Python, etc or equivalent.

- Excellent written and verbal communication skills and the ability to interact well within a team.

- Must be able to perform in a small team environment with minimal supervision.

- Enjoy working in areas outside of usual comfort zone and love to learn new technologies.

- Ability to perform in a ISO/ FDA regulated environment.

- Familiarity with biology, microbiology and biochemistry.

Knowledge and Skills Required for the Position:

- Master's degree with 3 years' experience or a Ph.D. in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics & Data Analytics, Data Science, Biomedical Engineering, Biostatistics, Electrical or Computer Engineering or Computer Science, Microbiology: Desired: 3 years of experience in development of expert systems knowledge and/or data engineering

- Proficient in the use of development environments, MS Office, Project, Excel, Word; Required.

- Proficiency in SAS, R, Matlab, Python or equivalent programming experience. Codes samples to be provided upon request; Required. Competency with R, SAS or equivalent statistical analysis software; Desired

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