Software Application Programmer/Coder - II


Tampa, FL (United States)

Category: Programming

Posted on: 23 Feb 2021

Agile Apache Cloud DevOps Git JavaScript JQuery Linux MySQL Nginx Oracle Project Management Ruby Ruby on Rails SQL Unix XML

Job Description

Mastech Digital provides digital and mainstream technology staff as well as Digital Transformation Services for all American Corporations. We are currently seeking a Software Application Programmer/Coder – II for our client in the Telecom domain. We value our professionals, providing comprehensive benefits and the opportunity for growth. This is a Contract position and the client is looking for someone to start immediately.

Duration: 11 Months Contract with possibility of extension

Location: Temple Terrace, FL

Role: Software Application Programmer/Coder - II

Primary Skills: HTML

Role Description: The Software Application Programmer/Coder – II must have at least 5 years of experience.

Must Have Skills (Most Important):

- Minimum 4 years of college education with bachelor's degree (Computer Science or related field)

- Minimum 5 years of work experience in application development

- Minimum 5 years and proficient in Ruby on Rails and MySQL and, or MariaDB

- Minimum 5 years and proficient in JavaScript and JQuery

- Minimum 5 years and proficient in HTML and CSS

- Minimum 2 years of experience in Agile/DevOps environment

- Minimum 2 years of experience in Ruby Devise security GEM

- Minimum 2 years of experience in Ruby Papertrail GEM

- Minimum 2 years of experience in Ruby AXLSX GEM

- Minimum 2 years of experience in Ruby Best-in-Place GEM

- Minimum 2 years Linux server administration in OpenSuSE LEAP 42.x or higher

- Minimum 2 years cloud hosted server virtual machine administration

Desired Skills:

- Expert in full systems development lifecycle process

- Proficient in Tableau or other reporting platform

- Web and App servers: Apache, Nginx, Puma, Phusion Passenger

- Development: IDE - Eclipse, Rubymine, Aptana. Linux or UNIX Shell scripts, cron jobs

- Version Control: Subversion, Git

- Utilities: GIMP, diff, hexdump

- Analysis & Design: Object Oriented UML using one of these: Rational Rose, TogetherSoft, Visual Paradigm, other

- Object-oriented programming

- Knowledge and Experience in the use of Microsoft Office

- Structured, logical thinker, dependable and flexible

- Ability to work independently and with multiple groups and organizations

- Excellent organizational skills

- Demonstrated experience with verbal & written communications

- Familiarity with Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) and network elements

- Experience in Service Management related to Network, Managed Services, CPE, Security,

- Applications, Hosted / DCS Services, IT Services, Unified Communications


- Perform systems development activities in support of Networking, Advanced Communications and Outsourced Solutions (NAC) and Global Project Management (GPM) reporting, and custom Global Integrated Deal (GID) software and application development.

- Responsible for custom tool and interface development.

- Support NAC and GPM metrics, user interfaces, and database management of staffing, certifications and customer satisfaction information for the organization.

- Create or customize reports, create user interfaces to databases, responsible for requirements support, data analysis and custom GPM software and application development.

- Functions supported include Configuration Management Databases (CMDBs), inventory management, Customer Service Record (CSR) conversion support, change management, reporting, billing and document management, and required tool development and maintenance, interfaces to multiple operations systems, and feeds of ESP data for GPM customers via custom Project Management Information Systems.

- Assist with defining GPM and customer requirements, and translating the requirements into tools to automate repeatable tasks and deliverables, improve data integrity, and save resource costs.

- Responsible for Linux server administration in OpenSuSE LEAP.

- Responsible for cloud hosted server virtual machine administration.

- Ensure all tools developed can produce the applicable management reports.

- Create, maintain, and enhance Global Project Management reporting, metrics and relevant databases using a variety of software tools.

- Create, maintain, and enhance web-based tools for custom GID deals.

- Organize and attend relevant GPM automation meetings.

- Create and maintain requirements documentation.

- Execute agreed tool designs.

- Test to ensure design meets requirements and train users on the new GID tools and features.

- Provide support for development of fixes and/or enhancements.

- Create management reports for GID tools/databases.

- Use the following tools and technologies: Ruby on Rails, and MariaDB; JavaScript and JQuery; HTML 4.x or higher and CSS; Ruby Devise security GEM, Ruby Papertrail GEM, Ruby AXLSX GEM, and Ruby Best-in-Place GEM.

- Work in an Agile and DevOps environment.

May work from home.


- Bachelor’s degree. Generally, requires minimum of 6 years of experience in a related discipline.


Some weekend work or non-business hours may be required.

Technical Requirements - Experienced in all of the following:

Data and Structures:

- Relational database normalization

- Object to Relational Mapping, Class Table, Concrete Table and Single Table Inheritance

- Datatypes, typecasting

- Custom load, extract

- Translations, encoding, format conversions

Database Systems and Clients:

- MariaDB

- Oracle

- SQL Server


Object Oriented Software Engineering:

- Class inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation

- Ruby 2.x

- Ruby on Rails 5.x and up

- Gems/GitHub, Google services, etc.

Web Technologies/Languages/Markup:



- Restful services

- Web Services, APIs


- JavaScript, JQuery, Node.js

- Nginx/Phusion Passenger


Server Systems:

- Linux, OpenSuse (Leap 15), Redhat

- Iptables, firewall

- Virtual machine server deployments, remote console, etc.

- XEN, KVM, VMWare

- Deployments, OS installation, security practices


- SSH, tunneling


- Misc tcp and upd services

Mail Servers:

- Postfix, Amivirus, etc.


- Shell

- Shell scripting, cron, netcat, netstat, vi, rsync, xfs, extfs, btrfs, top, htop, df, du, sudo

- Compilers

- Package managers - zypper

Development Approaches:

- Agile/RAD

- Experience in all positions of SDLC


- Networking components, composition, statistics, interfaces

- Provisioning concepts

- Service composition

- Business WAN/LAN and other services

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Information Technology or another related field or Equivalent.

Experience: Minimum 5 years

Relocation: This position will not cover relocation expenses

Travel: No

Local Preferred: Yes

Note: Must be able to work on a W2 basis

Recruiter Name: Chinmai Rath

Recruiter Phone: 412-436-0333 (Ext: 4069)

Equal Employment Opportunity





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