AI Data Scientist (Machine Learning) - REMOTE

Tier 1 Consulting, Inc.

Charlotte, NC (United States)

Category: Programming

Posted on: 23 Feb 2021

Cloud Git

Job Description

Our client, a leader in clinical artificial intelligence, enables providers, payers and other healthcare entities to identify and prevent avoidable patient harm, utilization and costs.

As a Data Scientist - REMOTE, you will create novel machine learning models that providing clinical recommendations to help prevent avoidable patient harm. Every implementation is an opportunity to develop new approaches and models tailored to unique healthcare environments. You will develop new products that solve new problems in the clinical AI market, including both provider and payer solutions. You will continually improve the methodology and process to enhance clinical capabilities. You will work cross-functionally with the professional services and customer success teams to reliably develop, deploy, and monitor models in production.

You will join a team of data scientists where there is support from the existing members to learn from as well as plenty of opportunity to contribute and experiment. Passionate and collaborative the team continually works to incorporate new approaches to machine learning. The work our clients do is fast-paced and central to driving the advancement of their products.


    Work closely with our data scientists, data engineers, and other teams to create machine learning models for prediction in healthcare applicationsIncorporate clinical, technology, and business needs into design decisionsEnsure models are applicable, executable and consistentAct as a generalist that interface with our Client's technology stack from ingestion through productionContinuously improve yourself, your team and your organization through incorporating advances in machine learning and any other data science processes into clinical AI


    Strong programming skills in R and/or PythonStrong skills applying machine learning techniques and algorithms in production environmentsStrong version control habit in git, githubProficiency with Linux/Unix environments and shell-scriptingProficiency with cloud infrastructure such as AWS and AzureStrong habit of research and advancement through implementation and exploration of professional journal articles or other research publicationsStrong habit of collaboration in research environment among a team setting through operative communication, documentation, and presentationComfort with the unfamiliar and readiness for troubleshooting unknowns


    Understanding of healthcare operations (provider and/or payer)Experience working with Spark, Hive, AWS EMR, or other big data toolsExperience with Tableau


    You work with integrity and a mission to make the world a better placeYou are a leader able to effectively deliver in a high growth environment being measured by results against revenue and growth achievementYou are a humble, strong team player that works well across the leadership team and the broader businessYou are a mature leader that communicates effectively and can bring colleagues along with you while moving forward with speed and decisivenessYou demonstrate strength of character, maintaining ultimate accountability for overall performance, while naturally deferring credit to team membersYou have a strong process-oriented person who can mature a start-up team in the development, embedding and usage of strong processes to drive efficiency and consistency.


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