Lead Frontend Engineer

Grow Therapy

New York, NY (United States)

Category: Programming

Posted on: 23 Feb 2021


Job Description

At Grow Therapy, we believe Americas mental healthcare system is broken. Providers are undervalued by their employers, but struggle with the complexity of starting their own in-network practice. Meanwhile, clients are struggling to find affordable and high quality mental healthcare. This problem is more relevant than ever, as COVID has increased the care need (rates of anxiety & depression +250%), while eliminating brick-and-mortar barriers to starting a practice.

Grow is on a mission to empower providers, and make quality mental healthcare accessible and affordable across the country. Our platform enables providers to start their own cutting-edge telehealth practice, and connect with in-network patient populations. Since launching in July 2020, Grow has already received backing from top VCs and angel investors, including leaders of Village Global, Airbnb, Nurx, PatientPing, and Blackstone. Our founding team comes from Harvard Medical School, Google, Stripe, and Blackstone, and were excited to expand the team and continue onboarding hundreds of providers!

Were looking for an entrepreneurial engineering lead who is eager to join a fast growing, early stage team and dive into building out our enablement platform and setting the culture for our engineering org. As a Lead Frontend Engineer, you will meaningfully shape our company on multiple dimensions, including:

    Building Grows initial product: Youll work with our engineering team to create an onboarding experience and dashboard that thousands of beta providers will use for patient intake and billing.Set best practices for Grow Therapy's frontend architecture: You'll shape best practices around our frontend web development as well as mentor more junior engineers. Wear many hats: Youll get to design, think about product, and help recruit in addition to being an engineer; this role is best suited to folks who want to get their hands dirty in a lot of different processes and build a product from the ground up.Shape the company and team: Youll be a big part of who we hire and helping us define the culture of the company moving forward.


    3-4+ years front-end expertise. You are proficient with HTML, CSS, and JS as well as frontend frameworks.Full-stack web development experience. You have experience working with REST APIs, web frameworks, and an understanding of at least one backend language.Entrepreneurial spirit. You have worked in a startup or on your own side projects and built products from the ground up.Product thinker. You want to build through a user-centric lens and be involved not only in engineering decisions but product and design decisions as well.Leader. Youll do anything to achieve your goal. You know how to think on the fly and persist through setbacks and roadblocks and to motivate your teammates to do the same.Team Player. You are collaborative by nature, relish in camaraderie and group wins, and are looked to by colleagues as a steadfast partner and source of encouragementHighly Motivated. You want ownership of your work.


    The chance to transform the mental health care industryOpportunity to help build a rapidly scaling organizationStrong ownership of your workCompetitive salary and equity compensationStellar benefits, healthcare, and lunch on us, and the ability to be yourself at work!

  Grow Therapy


  New York,


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