Urgently Looking Java Developer ::: Boston, MA :::: Full Time / Permanent Role

Intone Networks Inc

Boston, MA (United States)

Category: Programming

Posted on: 22 Feb 2021

API Java Oracle SQL TDD

Job Description

Java Developer

Boston, MA


Technical stack: (ALL MANDATORY)
7+ Years of Java experience
Experience with relational databases MS-SQL Server, Oracle, DB2
Experience with RESTful web services
Proven experience with client-side web development
Comfortable working with open-source technologies
Proficiency in data modeling, API design
Skills & Requirements - Layers of Full Stack
Data Modeling, Business Logic, API layer / Action Layer / MVC
TDD experience, Automating regression testing, quality and security focused mindset
Position Requirements:
Should have hands-on experience across the entire technology stack.
Should have a passion and proven track record for creating robust, scalable applications.
Should be able to work with minimal / no-guidance, Self-starter and love to solve problems through technology.
Work along high performing teams, collaborating with team members and improving our ability to deliver
Passionate about delivering with quality with experience in practices like TDD and BDD./p>




  Intone Networks Inc




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