Front End Developer Lead

Red Zone Resources Inc., Raleigh, NC (United States)

Category: Programming

Posted on: 13 Jan 2021

Agile Docker JavaScript Kubernetes

Job Description

This developer is to serve as an application developer for the design, development, maintenance of Web Portal with Java/ JEE based applications. Practical experience in building enterprise applications is required. Must have extensive experience in Angular 7 framework.  
Following skill set is Required to perform the development/maintenance of the Application:
React UI

Amazon Postgres Database

Amazon AWS skills:
Amazon Fargate
Amazon ECS
Amazon ECR
S3 bucket 
Aws experience 
AWS certificate is plus
Amazon Commit
Amazon Lambda functions

Serverless Container Orchestration Service

Skill Required / Desired Amount of Experience

Should have the capability to translate business requirements into technical solutions / Required 5 Years

Should have the Experience in Security Layer, Presentation Layer, Services Layer, Data Persistence Layer and Execution Layer. / Required 5 Years

Experience in Angular 7 Framework / Required 2 Years

Experience in React UI, ApollographQL.Knex, passport, passport-saml / Required 2 Years

Experience in Express, Express-graphQL / Required 2 Years

Experience in designing and deploying Application Framework: Spring Boot / Required 3 Years

Hands-on experience in JavaScript, Node.js, SVN ,Eclipse, Spring Tools, Gradle, RESTAPI / Required 3 Years

Experience on Amazon Postgres Database / Required 2 Years

Excellent verbal and written communication skills with the ability present to both technical and business audiences. / Required 2 Years

Experience in the transition and transformation of large complex software solutions. / Required 2 Years

Experience participating or leading projects using an Agile methodology. / Highly desired  

Experience Amazon Fargate, Amazon ECS, Amazon ECR, aws-sdk, S3 bucket, Amazon Commit, Amazon Lambda / Required 2 Years

AWS Certification / Highly desired 3 Years

Experience in AWS Serverless Container Orchestration Service - Docker , Kubernetes / Required 3 Years

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