Entry Level Software Developer

HonorVet Technologies, Atlanta, GA (United States)

Category: Programming

Posted on: 13 Jan 2021


Job Description


    •Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with coursework in computer science or

     management information systems.

                •US Citizenship or Green Card status is required Preferred Qualifications: •Knowledge and experience working with software development organizations

                •Strong analytical skills

                •Working knowledge of Structured Query Language (SQL)

                •Experience in Microsoft VB.NET Other Notes:

                •DOR will conduct a background check on all candidates considered for the position. Individuals must be compliant with Georgia tax obligations.

                •Individuals having any overdue and unpaid taxes or any felony convictions (no matter how long ago) will not be offered the position or hired.

                •Anyone who is a resident of Georgia for less than one year may be fingerprinted.

                •Candidates must be willing to relocate to Georgia for at least the duration of the contract, if not already a resident of Georgia.



Company DescriptionHonorVet Technologies is a technology-driven company that provides the reach of a large staffing organization with the feel of a specialized, boutique provider. Our purpose is to lower the underemployment in the Veteran community by providing them with best-fit opportunities in civilian workplaces. We are disrupting Talent Acquisition with advanced recruitment solutions, a unique combination of Predictive Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Processes, and Methodologies to support the company’s “High Touch” Expertise. HonorVet Technologies deliver ideal recruitment solutions to our clients with suitable skillsets (preferably veterans, along with non-veterans, for the hard-to-fill positions).

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