Senior Data Engineer

Staffing Technologies, Los Angeles, CA (United States)

Category: Programming

Posted on: 13 Jan 2021

Agile Hadoop MySQL Project Management Python

Job Description

Primary Skills: As a Senior Data Engineer on the Security Operations team within the Information Security group, you bring a unique mix of distributed data processing, data warehousing, and software engineering skills to develop scalable data systems that inform our decisions and ensure the safety of our platforms and the players using them. You can translate security requirements into sustainable data architecture and workflows. You will work with Security and Software Engineers to solve current problems and create new opportunities. You will design and promote our technical strategy for how we use data to transform security operations. You will work with engineers across Information Security group to establish and promote standards for collecting, processing, storing, and analyzing data.


Create and promote a technical design and architectural vision for security operations data systems and tooling
Work with engineers on the team to manage infrastructure for moving and processing large-scale data
Improve log flows efficiency through data processing to reduce the cost of analysis and storage
Convert log flows from Logstash to Elastic Common Schema
Work with Analysts to determine and implement the best practices for data retention and storage
Design and promote standards for security operations data telemetry and processing
Help engineers across the team select data technologies for their development needs
Be the face of data best-practices to engineers on the team around the product by advocating for data considerations early in the product life cycle and educating teammates on how to get the most out of our data ecosystem.

Required Qualifications:
2+ years experience working with data systems
2+ years experience with data warehousing, processing, pipelines, infrastructure, and query patterns
2+ years experience with Spark or Hadoop
2+ years experience with open source ETL frameworks such as Airflow, Luigi, or similar
4+ years experience with Python and SQL
Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field

Desired Qualifications:
Experience with systems for data processing (Spark, Flink, Hadoop, Airflow) and storage (S3, Kafka, Elastic Search, Dynamo, MySQL, or Postgres)
Experience with ELK
Experience reading and optimizing data schema queries for content and performance
Experience working in agile project management methodologies (Scrum, Kanban)
For this role, you'll find success through craft expertise, a collaborative spirit, and decision-making that prioritizes the delight of players. We will be looking at your past studies, experience, and your personal relationship with games. If you embody player empathy and care about the experiences of players, this could be the role for you.

Please respond at the earliest to speed up the interview process. I will contact you if I need further details.

Company DescriptionStaffing Technologies has 20+ Years of IT Staffing and Consulting Experience. Headquartered in Overland, KS, we have 9 Offices Nationwide and have 3 Global Delivery locations. Saicon, our Parent Company, specializes in and has rich experience filling various type of job roles (Both IT & Non IT) in Retail, Consumer Products and Brands, Insurance, Logistics and Travel, Banking and Financials, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Life Sciences, Telecom, Media & Entertainment, Professional Services, Government and Public Sector.

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