CNC Mill/5-Axis Programmer

S&DC Corp/ MBK Machine, Boulder, CO (United States)

Category: Programming

Posted on: 13 Jan 2021

Job Description

We are looking for an experienced and motivated CNC Mill and/or 5-Axis programmer. Previous experience in CNC programming is required. Experience in Mastercam or Esprit is preferred but not required. Good knowledge of GD&T, QC equipment and previous experience of setting up and running CNC Mills is required. 


    Company DescriptionMBK is a smaller (roughly 25 people) machine shop in Frederick, CO. We are predominately an aerospace prototype and low production run shop at the moment so things are pretty fast paced here. We also have a steady production customer that keeps the machines going outside of prototype. We have three 5-Axis machines, 5 vertical mills, 3 horizontal mills, 4 lathes (2 of which have live tooling for milling operations). We are running Mastercam and Esprit here. We just purchased Esprit about 3 months ago. We also have a full time QC department with two CMMs. We are looking for someone who has experience but is looking to learn and grow with the opportunities coming our way. We are growing quickly and continuing to invest in the business.

    Here is a list of benefits we offer at our shop:

    2 weeks’ paid vacation
    1 week unpaid vacation (optional)
    2.5 sick days in case of emergency
    Cover half of medical insurance premium
    Cover half of Dental premium
    6% dollar for dollar 401K company match

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