Lead WebLogic Developer

Lorven technologies, Princeton, NJ (United States)

Category: Programming

Posted on: 13 Jan 2021

API Java Linux

Job Description

Job Descriptions:

This is for a technically proficient lead developer/team lead with Strong Java background

Must have experience upgrading WebLogic 12c to 14c as well as spring security.

This person will lead in improving the architect and design for the CDRSS team for all new upgrades and new feature development in the existing application.

Aggregate, Track, and Monitor all Java Exceptions to find critical problems, new errors, and monitor error rates over time.

    Experience with Application Memory Analysis to help identify the cause of memory leaks. Experience with Java Performance Tools:Java Profiler: examples JMeter, JProfiler, Java Mission Control, etc.
    Tracing: examples Prefix, Xrebel Java Application Performance Management (APM): examples New Relic, Stakify, AppDynamics, Dynatrace Real User Monitoring (RUM) Web Server Access Logs
    Exceptional experience in Handling Performance Tuning and Code Optimization Experience in tuning, optimization, explain plan, trace, Indexing Ability in handling and understanding Data Lake FundamentalsParticipate in the design of new or changing programs Follow high quality database development standards. Lead/Participate in design discussions, prototype development. Refactor code for latest database and hardware technologies Optimize connections via multiple types of services
    Batch API Services Optimize read DB traffic
    Use Active Data Guard (ADG) to seamlessly connect reporting read queries to logical when needed Implement efficient DB partitioning. Plan and design high performance DB usage design on Linux based hardware

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