Lead Data Engineer (Remote)

Foresight ATB, Reston, VA (United States)

Category: Programming

Posted on: 12 Jan 2021

Job Description

100% Remote

Summary and Responsibilities:
We are currently seeking a Senior/Lead Data Engineer to assist with the growth of our Data Engineering Practice (best practices, accelerator development, focus on quality and privacy). You will work on key client projects communicating modern data architectures and warehouse strategies to various stakeholders (IT and business).  You will balance the development of architecture and engineering and be excited to work in both of areas. Your initial project will be to implement client’s defined data strategy for one of our new and growing clients. Post COVID-19, the position will require travel to our client in Florida, as needed.

Skills & Qualifications:

Able to demonstrate a sound understanding of large complex modern data architecture and technologies with the knowledge of how they affect the organization and business decisions.  

Have the ability to design and recommend architectural frameworks (e.g. Data Vault, STAR schema, etc.) that align with the ongoing management of data and business activities.  

Ability to recommend and implement enterprise data technologies (e.g. warehouse, analytics, MDM, enterprise service buses, data governance tools) for the enablement of data architecture strategy in support of business goals.  

Conceptual and practical engineering experience in a Data Vault framework with an Azure or AWS infrastructure.  

Understanding of Data Privacy impacts to data architecture and engineering solutions 

Hands on experience Data Streaming, SDLC, DevOps, and Snowflake are preferred.  

Able to interact with key business and IT stakeholders to understand how business architecture and the process will support the organization's data architecture frameworks and technologies.  

Understand the different architectural frameworks and how they interact to create the necessary inputs and outputs in support of organizational goals and objectives.  

Identify key data technologies that will support the organization's objectives to enable business processes and generate value.  

Able to manage the execution of implementation plans within a data architecture program that provides verifiable business value.  
              o   Have the ability to utilize different software tools and processes to profile and measure an organization's data assets.  
              o   Can develop the appropriate framework documentation and develop data models at different levels: conceptually, logically and physically. 

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