Internet/Intranet Site Developer ( Job Id: R00R1600673)

Computer Consultants International, Inc., Baltimore, MD (United States)

Category: Programming

Posted on: 13 Jan 2021

.Net C# C++ J2EE Java JavaScript MS Project Oracle Project Management XML

Job Description

There are 4 positions for the Engagement 


A. A Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university with a major in Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering, Business, or other related scientific or technical discipline or three (3) years of equivalent experience in a related field.

B. Must have five (5) years of web development experience using current Web development and graphic tools, as well as, Web Server and database administration.

C. At least three (3) years of experience designing, developing and deploying Web sites and/or Web applications, including product selection, configuration, installation, maintenance, and site specific Web development languages and relational databases.

D. Translate applications requirements into the design of complex web sites, including integrating web pages and applications.

E. Apply new and emerging technologies to the site development process including but not limited to J2EE, .NET, JavaScript, HTML, EV, Java, C#, XML, AJAX, and Business Objects.

F. Track revision control through such software packages as Rational ClearCase or other approved software packages.

G. Design, document, develop, implement, and support JDeveloper applications using an Oracle 10g, 11g RDMS.



A.       Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university in Engineering, Computer Science, Information Systems, Business or other related discipline.

Master’s degree or project management certification is preferred.

B.       Current Project Management Institute (PMI) Certified Project Management Professional.

C.       Five years of experience managing project life cycles, risk, resources, schedules, and oversight of Internet and intranet software operation and support projects. 

D.       Three years of experience managing Internet projects for government agencies in a multi-tier environment.

E.        Perform day-to-day management of the project, identifies issues and risks and recommends possible issue and risk mitigation strategies associated with the project.  F. Act as a facilitator between MSDE and IT Contractor. 

G.       Identify critical paths, tasks, dates, testing, and acceptance criteria using MS project management and office tools.  

H.       Provide solutions to improve efficiency (e.g., reduce costs while maintaining or improving performance levels). 

I.          Monitor issues and provides resolutions for up-to-date status reports. 

J.          Identify and assigns TO Contractor resources needed to complete tasks and ensures that the appropriate personnel have the skills required to complete the tasks on time and within budget.



A.       Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university with a major in Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering, Business, OR three years of equivalent experience in testing Internet and intranet applications.

B.       Two years of experience with establishing and executing automated test procedures. C. Three years of software testing experience (integration and acceptance) on multiple projects.

D.       Three years of experience in verification and validation, software testing and integration, software metrics, and their application to software quality assessment, and demonstrated knowledge of system and project life cycles.

E.        Three years of experience testing database interfaces in a multi release project environment.

F.        Three years of experience creating development and execution of test cases for Unit Testing, User Acceptance Testing, interoperability testing, System Integration testing and Performance testing of a multi-tier Internet and Intranet Solution. G. Three years of experience managing a system test and acceptance process by gathering stakeholder input and feedback, and developing and implementing tools to improve the process.

H. Three years of experience with Application Lifecycle Management, tracking bug fixes, test results, and release management.


A.    A Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university with a major in Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering, Business, or other related scientific or technical discipline or three (3) years of equivalent experience in a related field.

B.     At least three (3) years of experience in using current DBMS technologies, application design utilizing various database management systems and experience with DBMS internals.

C.     Must have five (5) years of experience in DBMS systems analysis and programming.

D.    Ensure the operational reliability, integrity and performance of all production databases.  

E.     Perform back-up and recovery of existing databases along with performance monitoring and tuning.  

F.      Perform database installations and upgrades and insures the security of confidential data.   

G.    Troubleshoot operational issues and implement solutions along with periodic maintenances, fixes and patches of databases.  

H.    Perform analysis of business needs, write reporting requirements and turn requirements into delivered solutions.

I.        Assist users in writing complex queries and reports.

Company DescriptionComputer Consultants International, Inc. (CCI) is an IT Consulting Firm with more than 20 years experience providing effective, expert-level services in industries such as Construction, Technology, Finance, Healthcare, and Government. CCI focuses on building long-term relationships while completing projects from design to delivery. People are CCI's key component for success. Recruiting utmost-quality individuals for our clients, CCI fields a workforce of individuals who are selected not only because of their technical qualifications but also for their achievements as substantial, contributing human beings. In government work and in the commercial market, high standards of ethics and accountability are critical. Therefore our people are chosen for their integrity and ability to maintain relationships, as well as expertise in their field. To learn more about CCI, visit us online at

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