Android Engineer

Cerebra Consulting Inc, San Francisco, CA (United States)

Category: Programming

Posted on: 13 Jan 2021

Agile Android Cloud Java JavaScript REST

Job Description

Position: Android developer

Location: San Jose, Ca

Duration: 4+ months

Job Duties and Skills:

- Demonstrates up-to-date expertise and applies this to the development, execution, and improvement of action plans - Executes Mobile Engineering projects - Participates in the discovery phase of small to medium size Mobile Engineering projects

-Participates in peer code reviews and team development

- Provides and supports the implementation of business solutions

- Provides mobile engineering support to the business

- Troubleshoots business and production issues for mobile devices Minimum Education and Experience required: Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or related field and 5 years of experience building scalable ecommerce applications or mobile software

Minimum Skills required:

- Experience with mobile software development using Java.

- Experience using distributed source code version control systems (Git/Github)

- Experience with the agile methodology Scrum

- Experience with development of mobile network clients using HTTP protocol, REST APIs and Google Cloud Messaging - Experience with Google Play APIs : Maps, Location, and Cloud Messaging - Experience with software debugging techniques (debuggers, loggers, crash report tools)

- Experience with analysis of memory issues such as memory leaks using memory analyzers tools (DDMS, MAT)

- Experience with embedded real time systems with limited resources (memory and processing)

- Experience with Android software development

- Experience in design patterns, MVC, data structures and algorithms.

- Experience in unit and integration testing Android code.

- Published Android application is required.

Large Scale Project:

1. 3+ years Javascript is a must

2. NodeJS

3. Microservices- not responsible for building it, but interact with it

4. Needs to be familiar with backend work

5. Strong in mobile and unit/functional UI testing

6. Very serious about scrum way of working, each team is in charge of the HOW

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