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Jenny Rose Creative, Tallahassee, FL (United States)

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Posted on: 13 Jan 2021


Job Description

My team is swamped! We are seeking what we hope will become a long-term relationship with a Freelance Wordpress Web Developer who can readily assist and possibly take the lead on a variety of web development projects on an ongoing, as-needed basis.


    PHPHTML / CSS / SCSSJavascript / JQueryComfortable coding from scratch, building custom Wordpress themes or plugins.Into clean, lightweight code and fast sites. Loves a good Google Site Page Speed Test.Divi experience is helpful as several of our client sites are built on Divi (though it is important that your experience is not exclusively with working in Visual Builders, but rather that you have the capabilities to develop on a coding level.)Building within and customizing Squarespace will also be helpful as several of our clients are on Squarespace.Develops websites from PSDs.


    We may delegate some smaller tasks (30 minutes - 3 hours) we receive from clients with existing websites, such as optimizing and swapping out photos that are cropped to size, injecting Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics codes, tackling little glitches that can crop up, etc.Ultimately we’d like you to take the lead on developing our clients’ Wordpress or Squarespace websites. These websites are often brochure sites with such pages as Home, About, Services, Contact, Portfolio, Portfolio Item, Blog, Blog Posts. Some sites require more advanced or custom functionality.Our clients value the ability to make edits to and update their own site. We therefore use Advanced Custom Fields on Wordpress to create backend admin areas that make it fairly simple for clients to swap out text, photos, and input things like testimonials or custom post types that then populate automatically on the frontend of the site styled and looking good. If this is up your alley or you could learn to do it in that style, GREAT!We may request you take on specific styling tasks, such as customizing the look of one facet of a Squarespace website through custom CSS.For some projects with more in depth functionality, our Senior Web Developer may at first take the lead, and we may request that you develop some of the pages under the direction of the Senior Web Developer in a joint effort.As we mentioned, we are looking for a long term, ongoing working relationship but on an as-needed basis. We experience a feast and famine cycle in terms of development needs. We may have a lot of work for you some weeks, and you may not hear from us for weeks.We would compensate based on an hourly rate, based on experience. For some of the larger projects, we may ask you to quote a flat rate for an agreed upon scope of work.If a client doesn't need advanced functionality, we may recommend they stick to Squarespace for its ease of use. We may ask you to build out or customize Squarespace pages. Though this is not a dealbreaker.



    Trustworthiness. At times you may need to log into our clients’ websites. We will ask that you take that on with great care, and a full respect for client privacy and security.Independence. You will work fully remote from your home and though we may weigh in a lot in the beginning of the working relationship to get into a groove, beyond that, you will not be micromanaged.Reliability and Integrity. We will discuss timelines ahead of tasks and in virtually all cases. We may ask you, “based on your availability, when can we have this done by?” in which case we request that you’re honest and realistic in your answer. We may ask, “we need this done by X date, can you do that?” and we ask again that you be honest. If you can’t, we really prefer to find out then, rather than when it's past due!Flexibility and Humility. We may ask you to fulfill a task in a way that’s not your preferred style, or use a plugin that you don’t like, and while you would always be welcome to voice your opinions on why you prefer something else, and we will readily listen and earnestly consider, if ultimately we ask you to please do it the other way, we are hopeful you will not take it personally.Love Of Learning. Our team has a lot of higher degrees and it’s not because we’re elitist — it’s just because we love learning and think it’s a huge privilege and adventure to learn new skills and take on new challenges. The world of web development is always evolving, and to keep up just begs for a love of learning. Through teamwork we can all learn new things together.Value-Alignment. Though skill and experience will ultimately determine our pick(s), given that we anticipate working closely with you, we do hope to find that we align on many values, as we believe this kind of alignment can facilitate more comfortable working relationships. We value diversity, supporting small businesses, women and minorities. We value science, our environment, and animal rights. We value democracy and collective action to ensure public safety (we wear masks!). We are cat people but we exercise tolerance when it comes to dog people. We have never put pineapple on pizza. (Please tell us how you feel about Hawaiian pizza when you apply.)
Company DescriptionJenny Rose Creative is a Tallahassee-based small Brand Identity and Graphic Design firm offering nationwide lifestyle brands and small businesses exceptional branding, graphic, and digital design, as well as digital experience development. Jenny works closely with her husband and Senior Developer, Jeff, to serve clients in a variety of industries.

“I have worked as an Art Director, Brand Identity Designer and Web Designer for over 7 years, garnering a reputation for creating elevated and stylish brands. I take great pride and true joy in helping small businesses transform into brands that command attention and authority. Many of my clients are individual entrepreneurs for lifestyle brands, though I've been honored to work as an Art Director creating brand and advertising campaigns on such national brands as Domino Sugar, Pilot Pen, Marriott, Renaissance and more.”

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