Java Backend Engineer

Tanu Infotech Inc, San Rafael, CA (United States)

Category: Programming

Posted on: 13 Jan 2021

Hadoop Java SQL

Job Description



Candidate must be advanced in problem solving skills using advance algorithm

Candidate must be well versed with Java and Advanced Java features

Candidate must have hands on SQL or No SQL technologies

Candidate must be willing to inspire by vision and stick to organization goals

Candidate must be well versed with Design pattern and Object Oriented programming

Candidate must have experience on working on large volume system with scale

Candidate must have experience working on distributed messaging system like Kafka.

Exposure to Spark, Hadoop and Hive is plus

-Develops innovation strategies, processes, and best practices.

- Drives the execution of multiple business plans and projects.

- Supports and ensures business objectives being met.

- Leads the discovery phase of medium to large projects to come up with high level design.

- Leads the work of other small group of 3 to 4 engineers for assigned Engineering projects - Leads and participates in end to end service implementations, data feeds ingestion, and orchestration.

- Designs and implements low latency services.

- Promotes and supports company policies, procedures, mission, values, and standards of ethics and integrity.

- Troubleshoots business and production issues .


Sathish Kumar V


satishkumarv (@) tanuinfotech dot com

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