Drools Developer/Programmer

TechnoGen Inc, Minneapolis, MN (United States)

Category: Programming

Posted on: 20 Nov 2020

Java JavaScript Oracle

Job Description

Job Summary:

    Work in collaboration with MNIT@DHS application development staff to enhance the application's maintainability, efficiency, accessibility, user experience, and resolving of identified issues (bug fixes) and recommend changes as per business requirements.Understand and merge both the technology base and customer business goals.Develop and run test scripts to ensure rules are working as required.Work with testers and subject matter experts to identify code changes and additions.Identify and recommend specific code changes to State staff.Work with the Technical Architects and Leads to gain a comprehensive and up to date understanding of the software application developed by open source community.Work with the Business Analysts (BA) and Quality Assurance (QA) and subject matter experts (SME) to identify changes, additions, and or enhancements due to application errors or bugs.Perform software development maintenance (bug fixes) for the project change requests, as this position requires a strong software development background.Maintain and follow Object Oriented programming best practices.Consult and collaborate with in-house experts to ensure UI Standards are properly implemented and applied in the application.Perform comprehensive system and application code testing so that application deployments are working without errors and application codes are error free.Ensure application code sets are checked in to the code repository with no coding errors.Provide documentation and knowledge transfer for MNIT@DHS staff.
Minimum Qualifications:
    Seven (7) years' experience with Java developmentFive (5) years' combined Java based User Interface experience web development with the following: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and JQueryFour (4) years' experience with automated testingFour (4) years' experience with Spring MVCFour (4) years' Drools experience, specifically with Decision tablesFour (4) years' experience with a State government developing a Medicaid Provider Enrollment application.
Desired Skills:
    Two (2) years combined experience in designing and architecting applicationsTwo (2) years' experience with web servicesExperience working with WebSphere application serverExperience working with JPA/HibernateExperience with web application testing frameworks (e.g. Selenium/WebDriver)Experience with JavaScript testing frameworksExperience with MavenExperience with EclipseExperience with Oracle Database

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