Full Stack Software Engineer - Front End Focus

PWW Recruiting, LLC., Los Angeles, CA (United States)

Category: Programming

Posted on: 21 Nov 2020

Agile JavaScript Ruby SQL

Job Description




You will:

•Be responsible for building and managing core parts of our customer-facing web experience, blog, and other marketing infrastructure

•Instrument, measure, and iterate upon our onboarding funnel to maximize our conversion rate

•Work with the growth team to generate and implement trustworthy online experiments (multivariate tests, etc) on our owned properties and in tandem with our paid advertising

•Own scripts and technologies that interface with third party services (Facebook, Google, Chargebee, data warehouse, etc)


You have: (MUST HAVES)

•3+ years of professional software development experience with a degree in software engineering, or 5 years or professional software development experience without a degree.

•3+ years of experience in in Javascript (React JS preferred)

•2+ years developing, running, and generating data for self-built A/B tests or multivariate tests in web-based applications

•2+ years of experience with Ruby on Rails

•2+ years of experience with SQL/relational databases

•An growth-minded experimenter who is hungry to make the charts go up and to the left

•Experience integrating a variety of tools, such as Google Analytics and Google Optimize, to measure, analyze, or visualize online acquisition channels

•2+ years of experience with Github

•Excellent communicator. Ability to explain key concepts, like cherry-picking, to people across diverse, cross-functional teams (engineering, marketing, sales, and business operations) and manage project plans in order to communicate progress and deliver solutions

•Comfort running an agile development process—and changing the engineering roadmap as business needs change

•Startup grit. Willingness and desire to take on personal responsibility for the business as a whole and “figure it out”, whether it's in your exact functional lane or not.

•Passion for improving the quality of life of our patients and providers, and a believer in clients vision and values.


key qualifications


Javascript, SQL, React

minimum education


years experience

3+ years


Full benefits

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