Software Engineer, Sr

Prosum, Denver, CO (United States)

Category: Programming

Posted on: 20 Nov 2020

.Net Agile C# Docker Kubernetes MongoDb REST SQL

Job Description
Job Description:
Position Reports To: Network Development
You are a Senior Level Full Stack Developer who is an advocate and champion for the customer, your team and for the company within an organization that is creating and supporting enterprise-class applications. You are not satisfied with just seeing something work - you want to know how and why the application behaves the way it does and to understand the business logic and domain supported by that behavior. You not only possess an innate curiosity and desire to understand software and the infrastructure on which the software runs, but you also have the skills and experience to peer behind the scenes into the code and/or the environment to troubleshoot and resolve problems. The ideal candidate will have an understanding and practical experience in full stack web-based development, basic system administration, and strong problem-solving skills.
What you’ ll do:

    You will help design, develop and build core applications and features spanning multiple products across the AMS architecture, using a variety of current technologies that support the ecosystem including: Angular 8, React, RXJS, C#, .Net Core, ASP.Net.Build Microservices, APIs and service workersUnit test, Automate, and take pride and responsibility for the Quality of the work you develop and deliver.Participate as an Agile team member in design, review, and planning meetings. You identify and keep track of metrics that tell you how your software is performing.Provide leadership and keep your eyes open for ways we can further enhance and streamline our development process.Review PRs as if they were your own.Refactor and enhance current and legacy applications to improve performance and maintainability.Ensure application content and developed code complies with design standards, coding standards, practices and approaches.Work as a team to develop optimal solutions that meet customers and business needs.Support testing, deployment, and monitoring of applications.Mentor and guide the work product of other, more junior software developers.Experiment, test, try, fail, succeed, and learn all the time.

Qualifications for the Role:
Required Knowledge/Experience and Skills:
    In depth knowledge of front-end technologies such as Angular 8, React, CSS/SASS, RxJS.In depth knowledge of backend technologies, REST, C#, ASP.Net, .Net Core, MVCA solid understanding of RESTful Services, Event Driven Development, simple message buses, event streams.Understanding of MongoDB and/or SQL.Proficiency with SOLID Principals and Design Patterns.Proficiency with debugging, source control, and defect tracking.Proficiency with distributed systems design.Knowledge of Azure, Kubernetes, Docker, CI/CD.Familiarity with unit testing and Test-Driven Design.Familiarity with Domain Driven Design.

Experience Required:
    Five or more years of demonstrable development experience building software that provide the user with a complete, delightful experience.Understanding of and experience in using RESTful Services and messaging platforms.

Skills / Abilities:
    Able to organize, prioritize and apply complex concepts to project tasks.Ability to find simple solutions for solving complex problems.Ability to develop Scalable, Secure, and High Performing Enterprise-Class mobile applications.Willingness to learn, teach, and pay close attention to details.Ability to research, implement, and report in an articulate, professional manner.Ability to work independently and as a team member.Have organizational, analytical, and communication skills.Nice to have knowledge of Microservices, micro-frontends, Angular Elements.

    Leverage your BS in Computer Science, Engineering, Information Systems or relevant work in related field.


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