Systems Developer - Expect

Panha Solutions, Albany, NY (United States)

Category: Programming

Posted on: 20 Nov 2020

Oracle SQL

Job DescriptionTitle: Systems Developer - Expect
Location: Albany, NY
Duration: 24 Months
Client: OMHRequirements:

    106 Months experience creating Oracle schema objects and reviewing developers' database work, to ensure it meets industry and in-house standards for multiple applications.106 months experience with Oracle: Database design, PL SQL coding, stored procedures, packages, indexes, triggers, creating tables, etc., including the use of a tool to write and test SQL code and manipulate data (such as Toad).106 months Experience building and maintaining Oracle tables that contain Personal Health Information (PHI).106 months experience programming web-based applications using ASP.NET and MVC 106 months Experience troubleshooting and tuning database queries and structures to increase their performance and efficiency.84 Months experience designing and invoking Crystal Reports 9 or higher (NOT SSRS) from web-based applications using an Oracle database84 months experience in coding JavaScript/jQuery/AJAX

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