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Posted on: 20 Nov 2020

Agile Akka Apache API DevOps Docker Java Kubernetes MongoDb Oracle SQL

Job Description

The GOS Global Cash Settlements & Cash Management is a Technology Organization responsible to explore & implement market utilities for Operations services and deliver on regulatory, market and strategic commitments. We reduce costs by exploiting synergies, simplifying business processes, reducing technology complexity, and optimizing deliveries. We increase platform stability by integrating RtB / CtB and foster innovation via increased collaboration across the global wider organization. 

Role Description:

We have number of exciting new initiation within GOS Global Cash Settlements & Cash Management, enabling you to be part of the success of the business. Naturally, project details are commercially-sensitive but all our projects exhibit the following common features:

    Significant engagement with product owners and user-interactionHigh visibility deliveriesStrict Agile & DevOps practicesTechnical autonomy and innovationHighly motivated and engaged development teams

As an agile application developer, you will work together with business users and members of the development team to provide quality systems that improve productivity, decrease operational risk, enable the business to expand and make users smile. These high profile application platforms offer you the opportunity to shape the future technical direction and take ownership for functional service components.


    Lead design, develop, test, deploy and support high quality systems.Become a strategic part of the business by building positive relationships with all business partners, understanding the challenges they face and using your technical expertise to deliver the systems we need.Collaborate with Regional Delivery Manager and the Product Owner closely to deliver solutions and to build user-centric banking applications for use by Operations and supporting Businesses around the world.Constantly analyze and improve the performance and quality of the product and team.Be willing and able to adapt to changes in priorities and requirements.Remain open, exploit and act on introducing suitable new technologies as continuous improvement.


    Expert level experience in full stack development & testingCurrent skills in KAFKA, Confluent, Angular, Spring Boot, Apache Ignite, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap are mustStrong skills in core Java, JSE, JEE, Spring, (REST) API design, HibernateExperience with SQL, Sybase ASE, Oracle 12g, MongoDB, IntelliJ IDEExperience with Oracle Weblogic Server / JAPExpertise in test automation technologies Lemming, JUnit, ConcordionGood knowledge of Odyssey Suite, Akka, Kubernetes, Docker and CloudServe


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