Application Engineer

Kolter Solutions, Tampa, FL (United States)

Category: Programming

Posted on: 20 Nov 2020

Agile Bash Java JavaScript JSON SQL Windows XML

Job Description

 Looking for a Mid-Level Software Application Engineer. Position opening is with a fast-paced team, building and supporting multiple mission critical applications used by hundreds of users. Projects you will work on have high exposure, reputability and respect across the community.
The position will involve maintenance and/or enhancement of existing software product portfolios, design of new software applications, and sustainment/field support for those systems and products in long- and short-term development cycles. This software position will place you as a member of an agile development team including other engineering disciplines. It will require interfacing directly with customers to understand proposed enhancements, to identify troubleshoot or fix issues, and to support software deployment. The position will require limited travel in support of field exercises, demonstrations, or software deployment. The right candidate will have a diverse background in various software programming languages including Java and/or C/C++. The preferred candidate will be strong in backend software design with a focus in security and/or database design.
▪ Typically has a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science/Engineering with a programming/application development focus.
▪ 3-6+ years' experience in software application development
▪ 2-3+ years' experience with backend software design
▪ Experience developing platform agnostic applications
▪ Follows best practices with respect to code documentation and revision control
▪ Good team player, excellent communications skills, good with documenting/organizing work
▪ Experience successfully delivering technology projects with tangible deliverables
▪ Experience leading, coordinating, and presenting at meetings.
▪ Broad understanding of current and future communication systems and technologies surrounding that area.
▪ Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
▪ Strong skills in MS Office suite
▪ Ability to clearly communicate with customers to diagnose and resolve technical issues
▪ Unit testing experience
▪ Practical understanding software development lifecycle.
Desired Skills:
▪ Web based applications development using Java, JavaScript, XML, and HTML
▪ Experience in relational databases with a focus on Microsoft SQL
▪ Strong experience optimizing SQL stored procedures and functions
▪ Experience designing and implementing JSON-based APIs
▪ Experience with scripting languages such as PowerShell, Bash, VBScript, or Perl
▪ Experience with designing secure applications including AES encryption methods and STIG requirements
▪ Experience obtaining/renewing SSL certificates
▪ Experience managing virtual servers using Amazon Web Services (AWS)
▪ Experience with multiple operating systems (in particular Windows and various flavors of Linux)
▪ Experience developing unit tests and test plans
▪ Experience developing platform agnostic applications
▪ Experience with tools and concepts supporting software version control systems
▪ Technical knowledge and technical writing ability for writing technical requirements, design documents, and deployment documentation

Company DescriptionFounded on the idea that you wanted something better – Kolter’s approach to the customer experience, delivering superior service, and striving for integrity beyond reproach has fostered a special environment. We’re proud of the services we provide – and we're proud of our team!

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