Embedded Software Developer

IntelliSoft Technologies, Seattle, WA (United States)

Category: Programming

Posted on: 20 Nov 2020

.Net API C# SQL Windows

Job Description

Embedded Software Developer
7 Months

Required Skills :
Top Skills:
• Proficiency in C# 7+ years
• Proficiency SQL 7+ years
• Business communication- working with stakeholders 7+ years

Candidate Requirements

-Responsibilities and essential job functions include but are not limited to the following:

Technical Design and Implementation

• Collaborates in planning, decomposing, estimating, scheduling, prioritization and resource allocation exercises. Mitigates risk with prototypes for complex problems as appropriate. Build incrementally, with an eye toward vision of the final product. Provides transparency in approach and progress, throughout the process.

• Participates in the solution design process: requirements gathering and backlog refinement, shapes and guides systems approach, helps with project initiation, contributes to functional design, and leads technical design and development.

• Develops software solutions to business problems. Leverages established design patterns and coding standards. Builds solutions that are secure, durable, scalable, flexible, and accessible and proactively mitigate against production support issues.

• Automates test coverage per platform capabilities and requirements. Establishes and maintains continuous build and integration testing on applicable platforms and assists with manual system and integration testing efforts.

• Key contributor and driver in the deployment approach, including planning and execution, data conversion approach, script development and execution, warranty period and transition of the solution to the platform's operational context.

Preferred Qualifications

-Domain Proficiency

• Highly proficient in .NET/C# Application Development, including, but not limited to, Windows Services, Web API, .NET Core, ASP.NET, Console Applications, and WPF Applications

• Proficiency with Microsoft Azure Cloud

• Proficiency with SQL

• Proficiency with NO-SQL database solutions

• Proficiency with Git/GitHub

• Experience creating secure, scalable applications

• Experience with CI/CD Pipeline development


Top Candidate Skills           

Proficiency in C#  7+ years
Proficiency SQL    7+ years
Business communication- working with stakeholders 7+ years

Company DescriptionIntellisoft is providing staffing and team augmentation services to Fortune 500 direct clients in USA, CANADA and INDIA.
With operations in USA and INDIA Intellisoft is currently engaged with leading technology, networking, telecommunication, companies to provide software consulting, team augmentation and key business process outsourcing services.

Please visit our website www.intellisofttech.com for more information on us and our clients.

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