Full Stack Software Engineer (React, Java)

F1V, Cambridge, MA (United States)

Category: Programming

Posted on: 20 Nov 2020


Job Description

F1V is searching for software engineers to join our team.

At F1V we work to provide world-class design and development for custom client websites, supplement client development teams for long-term projects, and expand our own proprietary software, web applications, and mobile applications. We're a small team of developers working semi-autonomously on a variety of client projects. Together, we try to create the best websites and web applications we can for our clients while drinking a lot of espresso (tea drinkers also welcome).

What you'll do:
- Join client development projects and work with existing code-bases
- Develop in primarily React/Redux environments and focus on feature development and styling
- Assist with backend tasks (Java)

Who you are:
- Passionate about web development
- Kind and a good communicator
- Familiar with React and have a working knowledge of Java
- Able to discuss past projects (can be personal) that you've worked on
- Minimum 2 yrs prior experience

The details:
We're looking for developers with a strong interest in the front end.
The position is paid and 40 hours per week.

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Job Source: Ziprecruiter (Will expire by: 2021-01-04 00:00:00)

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