Senior.Net Full Stack Developer

ABS Graphics, Chicago, IL (United States)

Category: Programming

Posted on: 20 Nov 2020

.Net SQL

Job Description

Job Title:                Senior .Net Full Stack Developer

Department:          Application Development/IT

Reports to:            Director of IT


A Full Stack Developer is a developer who is comfortable working with both back-end and front-end technologies. They have specialized knowledge in all stages of software development. Senior means the employee is in current role for over 6 years. .Net is the Microsoft Runtime language. (We use the Microsoft Family of products)

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

•  basic PowerShell scripting
• managing users and groups in Active Directory
• managing server programs like XMPie, InSite
• managing Web servers
• managing FTP servers
• managing firewalls and permissions
• managing VMs
• installing new software and updating the distribution
• Application Lifecycle management.
             o Planning release cycles
Back End Programming
• 10 + years in .Net framework
• Use of .Net Core
• Proficient in consuming APIs
• Proficient in Building APIs for consuming
• Familiar with containers
Front End Programming
     o Able to read, debug and create raw css files.
     o Frameworks
     o Use of Bootstrap

• JavaScript
     o Able to read, debug and create raw JavaScript
     o Frameworks
     o Use of jQuery
     o Use of Bootstrap
     o Able to read, debug and create raw HTML
     o Frameworks
     o Use of
     o Use of Core
     o Able to design User Friendly Interfaces.
     o User Experience.

Database Programming
• Create and Maintain relational databases.
     o Able to Create and Maintain Performance Index’s
     o Able to use ORM mappers for entity mapping.
• Able to read and write SQL Stored procedures
• Able to Create and Maintain SSIS packages
• Able to Create and Maintain SSRS reports
Variable Data Programming
• Create and Maintain InDesign templates.
• Create and Maintain Script Logic in VDP programming
• Comply with company and department SOP's, job description(s) and safety requirements
• Maintain departmental housekeeping standards
• All other duties as assigned


• Must have minimum 5 years of .Net programming skills and experience
• Proficiency in MS Office
• Ability to effectively communicate oral and in written communication to the correct audience
• Translate technology requirements from internal personnel to external customer and vice versa
• Ability to take initiative and need minimal supervision
• Adapt to a fast paced environment
• Learn internal software application as required departments
• Learn, comprehend and utilize web and data development concepts to coordinate the development of technical solutions
• Ability to collect the necessary information from others to make decisions regarding project and processes
• Ability to work with a variety of personalities and skill sets and work well with others
• Handle frequent interruptions yet re-focus on the task at hand or determine the most important task
• Take responsibility to find alternative approaches to solve or troubleshoot issues
• Ensure tasks are completed on time
• High attention to detail and ability to maintain accuracy and quality
• Successful candidates will have a positive attitude and demonstrate a high willingness to learn and improve the skill set
• Physical dexterity:
                    -  Ability to sit and use a keyboard and mouse for  extended periods (8 hours or more)


Company DescriptionOver the past 30 years, ABS has grown to over 150 highly-valued employees and now operates out of an 130,000 sq. ft. building in the western suburbs of Chicago. Today, ABS is at the forefront of print and communication workflow technology and is fully equipped to provide a distinctive service to large organizations with both simple and complex communication programs.

We are always looking for dynamic, creative, hard-working individuals to become a part of our ABS team. We are proud of the expertise we offer our clients through our knowledgeable and skilled employees; we would appreciate learning more about you and your interest in joining our team. ABS is pleased to offer competitive compensation and benefit packages which includes 401(K).

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