VR/AR GPU Developer Technology Engineer

Palo Alto, CA (United States)

Category: Programming

Posted on: 20 Nov 2020

cocoa objective-c c++

Apples GPU Software Developer Tools team is looking for a driven and dedicated engineer to build innovative tools for profiling and debugging of VR and AR technologies.
The team is responsible for building the Metal Frame Debugger featuring shader debugging, shader profiling, GPU counter profiling; Metal System Trace and other GPU developer tools provided to developers in Xcode and the iOS, macOS and tvOS SDKs.
Developing these tools requires collaborating with multiple groups including Technologies Development Group, Xcode, iOS, macOS and several teams across GPU Software.
Youll be working on investigating, prototyping and productizing novel GPU Developer Tools for debugging and profiling VR and AR technologies. Your job responsibilities will include:
- Design and implementation of innovative AR/VR debugging and profiling tools:
- Analysis and investigation of emerging VR/AR technologies, identifying tools opportunities to effectively debug and profile these technologies.
- Prototype found opportunities, constantly working with different teams to validate the designs and iterate on the workflows' efficiency.
- Lead the productization phase of prototyped tools.
- Ensure efficient user workflows, great user interface, and high-quality architecture/performance.
- Design and implementation of systems for testing GPU developer tools.
- Maintain and evolve existing GPU developer tools and workflows.
- Work with multiple teams to design and implement novel developer tools for new technologies.

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Job Source: Stackoverflow (Will expire by: 2021-01-04 00:00:00)

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