React Native Developer

Dallas, TX (United States)

Category: Programming

Posted on: 19 Nov 2020

reactjs react-native expo react azure-sql-database

As an early stage startup, we are constantly looking for people who are able to contribute across multiple disciplines within our business to stay as lean as possible. As a senior developer within our team, we would expect you to apply your depth of knowledge and expertise to all aspects of the software development lifecycle. Currently, the app is right on the edge of approval, so we are looking for someone to come in, rapidly learn our place in the market as it relates to our code, and help push us onto the market and beyond. You’ll work in a collaborative, Agile environment with our small team to maximize app performance and user experience.

This role requires a wide variety of skills and experience including:

    Expert understanding and experience of front-end development in Javascript
    Strong understanding and experience with React native and React.js
    Passion to connect with the user and frame the user flows to maximize experience
    Expertise in application, data, and infrastructure architecture
    Knowledge of industry-wide technology trends and best practices
    Ability to work in small, collaborative teams with high visibility to take ownership of your role and expand to help all members of our cross functional team
    Leadership, efficiency, and excitement to tackle the role and blend with a strong detail-oriented approach

This is a full time position we will expect to work most days in our downtown Dallas office, allowing work from home flexibility as needed.

We are working working with one of the most well-known marketing firms in the country, hiring close to 1,000 brand ambassadors, and compiling a team that is fun exciting, and insanely driven.

If you want to build something big and have your work truly in the hands of users, then let's talk. 

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