Software Engineer

BizTek People, Inc., Portland, OR (United States)

Category: Programming

Posted on: 20 Nov 2020


Job Description

About the Role:

·         Has in-depth experience and knowledge from several technical roles in the industry.

·         Uses best practices and knowledge of internal or external business issues to improve products or services

·         Solves complex problems; takes a new perspective using existing solutions

·         Works independently, receives minimal guidance

·         Acts as a resource for colleagues with less experience; may direct the work of other staff members

·         Has recently been a part of Agile teams working with modern collaboration software, such as Git, Bitbucket, and Jira

·         Is an expert in delivering scalable, programmatic, secure solutions using NodeJS/JavaScript and Java on the AWS platform

·         Experience with implementing design patterns in software and an ability to understand existing design patterns and why they are utilized

·         Experience working in an enterprise environment with dependencies on other teams and systems, is a plus

·         Experience with complex third-party API integrations, communicating with external systems using REST, GraphQL, and SOAP. Has a firm grasp of JSON and XML payloads

·         Has demonstrable excellence in testing using a modern testing framework

·         Familiarity or experience with Salesforce, specifically Apex and Lightning & Aura components, is a plus

·         Understanding of platform governor limits and/or best practices in a multi-tenant environment a plus

·         Applies best practices and knowledge of internal/external business challenges to improve products, processes, or services

·         Has developed conceptual and practical expertise in own discipline

·         Solves complex problems; takes a new perspective on existing solutions

·         Interprets customer needs, assesses requirements, and identifies solutions to non-standard requests

·         Has recent experience working in an Agile team environment and can demonstrate an understanding of Agile principles

·         Ability to present complex technical solutions to Business Stakeholders in language that is understandable and appropriate

·         Ability to present complex technical solutions to Technology Leadership

·         Explains difficult issues and works to build consensus

·         Makes decisions within guidelines and policies

·         Impacts a range of standard and non-standard customer, operational, process, project, or service activities

·         Is accountable for small projects or programs with manageable risks and resource requirements

·         Performs work in support of brand plans; demonstrates link between daily work and company mission; participates in initiatives, programs, or products with moderate visibility

·         Ensures actions protect company image and limits risks

·         Decisions and actions impacting company image require management oversight and are constrained by policies

·         Provide guidance to more junior developers

·         Communicate clearly with leadership to represent technical team decisions

·         Typically requires a bachelor’s degree and minimum of 5 years directly relevant work experience

·         Note: One of the following alternatives may be accepted: PhD or Law + 3 yrs.; Masters + 4 yrs.; Associates degree + 6 yrs.; High School + 7 yrs. Recent experience in a senior role is a plus.

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