Front End Software Engineer

BuildOps, Los Angeles, CA (United States)

Category: Programming

Posted on: 20 Nov 2020


Job Description

You will be joining our LA-based software engineering team. As a pioneering member of the team, your primary focus will be to help build the product from the ground up. We are looking for a motivated, self-starter who can work in a distributed team environment. This is a hands-on role. The day-to-day responsibilities are broad, and you will ultimately be responsible for shipping software.

As a Software Engineer, you will:

    Write quality code with 80%+ code coverage, and thoroughly documented.Develop, support, and improve our GraphQL API.Build and maintain real-time, event-driven systems, services, and features.Create new components and improve existing components in our React component library.Teach and enforce documentation standards.Propose recommendations, build prototypes, and provide feedback.Work with the QA engineering team.Help improve the technical quality of our work through regular technical design and code reviews.Share your technical knowledge and expertise.Communicate effectively with engineers, product managers, customers, partners, and other leaders.

Requirements to be successful in this role:

    Write modern JavaScript/ECMAScript code that is clean, well-tested, and reusable.Develop, optimize, and scale React applications/components in a production environment.Develop and test components that are able to optimistically work with our backend technologies.Strong communication and technical writing skills.Prior knowledge or ability to quickly learn Material-UI component library.Prior knowledge or ability to quickly learn developing in a CI/CD environment.Prior knowledge or ability to quickly learn Node.js based GraphQL API using Apollo.Prior knowledge or familiarity with React Native for mobile development.Familiarity with Jest, unit testing, debugging, profiling, performance monitoring.B.S., M.S. or PhD from top university in computer science, engineering or related fields.

About BuildOps, Inc.

BuildOps is a well-funded technology startup that is developing an innovative SaaS platform designed to dramatically improve the lives of Commercial Real Estate (CRE) service contractors. We will be leveraging the latest technology, along with data analytics, to completely transform a $30 billion industry that is still mostly stuck using pen and paper. Our co-founders have over a decade of experience in both CRE and SaaS technology as well as a resume that includes Stanford, Harvard, Wharton, Cornell, Microsoft, and multiple successful startup exits including a $1.2 billion acquisition. BuildOps has raised multiple rounds of funding from some of the largest and most reputable Venture Capital firms including Founders Fund, Fika Ventures, and Greenspring Associates./p>


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