Need: Application Architect, Chicago, IL (United States)

Category: Programming

Posted on: 19 Nov 2020

Agile Cloud DevOps Git HTML5 Java Jenkins JQuery LESS NodeJS Responsive

Job Description


In this role, the candidate will engage in the architecture, design, implementation, and documentation of architecture. They will work closely with the SEO team to identify opportunities for improving SEO.

Required Qualifications
- 8+ years of experience developing, or architecting Web Application with Java based frameworks
- 6+years of experience in developing and architecting Java based applications and excellent experience with SpringBoot, Spring Integration, Batch and Security.
- In-depth experience with website analytics tools like Omniture, Tealium, Google Search Console and Google Analytics
- Experience with CMS tools like AEM and Contentful
- In-depth knowledge of managing indexed pages in Google and techniques for improving SEO on web application.
- 4+ years of experience on UI frameworks such as AngularJS/Angular/ReactJS, JQuery, Ajax, CSS, HTML5, CSS pre-processors (SASS, LESS etc.)
- 3+ years of some experience with Typescript and Objected oriented Javascript
Preferred Qualifications
- Experience in developing micro-components, microservices, and deploy on cloud platforms like GCP, Amazon EC2, and Azure
- Experience with Cloud based application development and initial application setup in cloud
- Experience with responsive, adaptive UI design and development
- Some experience with NodeJS and related server-side concepts
- Experience with packaging, bundling technologies, and library management tools
- Experience in server-side: micro-services, CDNs, data caches, and stores
- Experience in Jenkins, CI/CD Pipeline, GIT and other DevOps principles
- Experience working with Agile development frameworks
- A systems problem solver, able to move fluidly between high-level abstract thinking and detailed implementation
- Open-minded to new ideas & approaches, and ability to implement the ideas using various technologies
- A self-starter that is naturally inquisitive

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