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Marathon TS, Chevy Chase, MD (United States)

Category: Programming

Posted on: 19 Nov 2020

Apache Bash C++ Cloud DevOps Docker Git IIS Java Jenkins Linux Oracle Python SQL Windows

Job Description

Marathon TS is seeking a Windows DevOPS Engineer in Arlington, VA.

The DevOps Engineer will bridge the gap between Development and Operational teams and be responsible for setting up and managing the operation of project development and test environments as well as the software configuration management processes for the entire application development lifecycle. Initial duties will be administration and support of an internal application called Planview running in development and production on a fleet of AWS EC2 windows server instances. The Plainview stack consists of MS SQL, the Planview application, IIS, and power BI. You will be responsible for the patching, maintenance, and uptime of the system, you will not be responsible for configuring the application itself or supporting the application users and their work. Other duties will include supporting the main user facing LGY suite of applications which run on RedHat and AWS cloud services, the CI/CD pipelines for that application along with any other systems teams' tasks that may arise. MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) Certification strongly preferred.
Technical Skills:

    Skill Years/Level of Experience3 years of experience supporting WebLogic, Docker & Swarm 3 to 5 years5 years supporting Apache, working on CI/CD pipelines, 3 to 5 years2 years supporting Spring Boot in a cloud environment & ELK/Elastic Static 2 years


    Experience with VA (Current PIV/GFE enablement a plus)MCSE Certified

Job Responsibilities:
Strong Preference:
• 3 years of experience supporting WebLogic
• 5 years supporting Apache
• 3 years with Docker and Swarm
• 2 years supporting Spring Boot in a cloud environment
• 5 years working on CI/CD pipelines
• 2 years supporting ELK/Elastic Static
• MCSE Certified
Location – Remote or Contractor Site
Minimum Skills/Qualifications for this role include:
• Bachelor's degree in related field. 8 years of relevant experience may be substituted for education.
• Minimum of 5 years of experience building and supporting infrastructure
• Linux / RedHat OS – strong bash scripting skills, storage configuration, OS configuration, login security, hardening and loosening the images (DISA STIG / NIST), application / package install and configuration
• Amazon Web Services – EC2 (instances, ELB, security groups, images, EBS), RDS running Oracle EE, CloudWatch ( alarms, dashboards, logs, agent), Database Migration Service, IAM (polices, roles, instance profiles, access keys), S3 (provisioning, cross region replication, glacier), CloudFormation (building and managing stacks via templates), SQS, elasticache (future)
• Weblogic – troubleshooting via logs, weblogic console and APM (Dynatrace), installation, configuration via WLST scripts, Java key stores / TLS, patching and upgrades
• Apache – troubleshooting via logs, installation, configuration via scripts, mod_proxy, deep SSL/TLS knowledge
• Docker – building images, running images, troubleshooting containers via logs and APM (Dynatrace), CloudWatch log integration, swarm
• Spring – understand cloud config, properties, profiles, and cloud admin console
• CI/CD – git, Jenkins, maven, bash, python, jython
• ELK / elastic stack – keep the ELK container available and troubleshoot occasional startup / shard issues
• Networking – understand WAN architecture, firewalls, latency, and how network issues can affect an application
LCAT Requirements:
• 3-5 years of experience building DevSecOps pipelines for implementing CICD for cloud applications in alignment with Attachment C.
• Possess deep expertise in scripting languages like Bash, Python and Groovy and are very skilled in troubleshooting deployment issues on AWS.
• Have minimum 3 years of experience managing resources on AWS.
• Possess deep expertise in many tools from the DevSecOps tool chain in alignment with Attachment C
• Working knowledge of fundamental Linux systems administration.
• Working knowledge of fundamental Windows Systems administration.
• Certifications: AWS Solutions Architect (Associate) or Developer (Associate)
On-site (Government Site): Arlington, VA
Off-site (Contractor Site): contractor site or remote
Work Authorization: US Citizen, US Person (Greencard)
Clearance Required: Public Trust Clearance

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