Transmission & Driveline Subsystem Engineer

DORLE CONTROLS, LLC, Detroit, MI (United States)

Category: IT Admin / DevOps

Posted on: 02 Dec 2019

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  • C++
  • Unix

Transmission and Driveline Subsystem Engineer responsible for designing, validating, and integrating transmission and/or driveline control system software for conventional and electrified products.

Primary responsibilities include: 1. Translate powertrain and vehicle cycle plan requirements into control system designs to achieve program targets 2. Design and validate control algorithms (Model Based Design and C-code) to meet functional, regulatory, safety requirements, and functional safety requirements (ISO 26262) 3. Develop & apply powertrain control system validation test methods (HIL/SIL/MIL), tools, and processes to achieve system functionality and robustness 4. Troubleshoot vehicle / powertrain system functional and diagnostic issues; determine / validate corrective actions and preventive measures 5. Follow change control processes to bring issues to resolution 6. Support the discussion on change requests brought to the SSFT 7. Assist the development of transmission/driveline control system s/w design verification methods for the subsystem level requirements 8. Assist with control system project planning and program management to meet functional, cost, quality, and timing objectives

Skills Required:

1. Working knowledge of software integration and debug 2. Practical ability to test, debug, and validate software in vehicle and dyno settings 3. Knowledge of driveline and/or automatic transmission technologies 4. Knowledge of s/w development and simulation tools (C, Clearcase, Unix, Matlab, MBD, Lauterbach, CANalyzer, MicroSar) 5. Experience with control system development and validation against functional attributes 6. Experience with data analysis tools and methods (Accurate Technologies, ETAS, Vector, etc.)

Skills Preferred: Experience Required: 1+ years developing powertrain control systems 2. Experience developing and/or integrating embedded control algorithms

Education Required: MSEE, MSME and/or MS-Computer Science/Engineering

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