Quality Engineer

Pro-Tech Staffing Services, San Jose, CA (United States)

Category: QA and testing

Posted on: 10 Sep 2019

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We are seeking an experienced Quality Engineer for our client in Milpitas, CA. This position will be a temporary assignment with an expected duration of three months.

Please submit your resume for further review.

Key responsibilities:

  • Monitor, test, and inspect the quality of manufactured product.
  • Ensure that product meet the required quality standards.
  • Plan and maintain the quality engineering program and processes applied to the product.
  • Develop and apply quality standards to manufacturing process from raw material to completed product.
  • Monitor materials to ensure compliance with required quality standards.
  • Implement methods to measure inspection, testing, and manufacturability.
  • Identify potential issues such as defects. Work to identify the root cause of defect and develop solutions.
  • Initiate corrective action requests.
  • Assist in training production personnel to uphold quality standards. Provide training material and/or perform training sessions if needed.
  • Assist in performing quality audits.
  • Other related responsibilities.

Key requirements/qualifications:

  • Related work experience is required.
Job Source: Ziprecruiter (Will expire by: 2019-10-25 00:00:00)
Job Source: Ziprecruiter

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