Sr. Systems Engineer, Delivery/ Network

WAVSYS, Los Angeles, CA (United States)

Category: IT Admin / DevOps

Posted on: 10 Sep 2019

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Project: MultiCDN
6 month project to start

Senior Systems Engineer, Delivery/Network

Job Purpose
Seeking a Sr. Systems Engineer to design, build, deploy and support video delivery infrastructure, including live/VOD origin, CDN integrations, Mutli-CDN routing/decisioning systems, and QoS/QoE measurement. This role is essential to providing our digital audience a great experience every time they press play and will be key to developing industry leading reliability, quality, and overall system
performance. As a systems engineer, you will be working in an extremely fast paced environment where you’ll be expected to learn the ecosystem quickly and help build automated, highly scalable and resilient delivery infrastructure for video streaming.

Core responsibility
Work closely with Engineering/Product/Project Management and Backend Technology Services teams to build highly scalable/reliable video infrastructure in AWS Cloud and CDN delivery services - including various configurations, routing policies/tools, and services to load-balance video traffic based on QoS/QoE data.

Required Activities
Build, configure, manage, test, & monitor Multi-CDN services capable of supporting millions of concurrent viewers
Implement, test, analyze, and iterate policies for CDN and workflow load balancing - optimizing for end user quality and balancing for business constraints/costs
Partner with various internal teams + external companies during marquee events to execute overall Multi-CDN delivery strategy
Develop, configure, test and deploy cloud based video infrastructure (encode, packaging, origin, APIs, monitoring, etc)
Design and configure robust video services with demanding reliability, resiliency, and scale requirements.
Monitor and implement performance tests for potential bottlenecks
Implement security, backup and redundancy strategies.
Provide technical specifications and documentation.

Required Skills
7+ years of experience in a systems engineering role
BS/MS degree in Computer Science or equivalent
Experience with various CDN vendors (configuration management)
Well versed in DNS, Load Balancing, SSL, TCP/IP, networking, security and large scale event delivery
Experience with performance tuning and troubleshooting a variety of network and delivery issues
Experience with Varnish, HAProxy, WAF configuration
Experience with AWS: EC2, ALB/ELB, IAM, S3, SQS, SNS, VPC, API Gateway, CloudFormation, CloudFront, etc
Experience with automation software (e.g., Puppet, cfengine, Chef).
Excellent scripting skills (e.g., shell scripts, Perl, Ruby, Python).
Git, SVN, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes (EKS). Agile methodologies.
Experience with performance, load, stress, and security testing tools.
Excellent documentation skills, UML diagrams a plus.

Desired Skills
Experience with streaming protocols (HLS/DASH), encoding (H.264), AWS Media Services (MediaLive/MediaStore)
AWS architecture, developer, or devops certifications a plus
Knowledge of other cloud providers (GC & Azure).

Job Source: Ziprecruiter (Will expire by: 2019-10-25 00:00:00)
Job Source: Ziprecruiter

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