Sr GIS Developer/Administrator

Synergy Systems and Services Inc, Baltimore, MD United States

Category: Programming

Posted on: 10 May 2019

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Candidates must be from the Maryland/DC area.


The resource shall develop, administer, enhance, maintain and support GIS System from an enterprise IT perspective as well as support the integration of other systems and third-party utilities as needed.


· Review of the current environment and identify all aspects of current usage and prepare for the future direction of IT support.

· Coordinate an upgrade from the current version to the newest version and identify all tasks included with the sunsetting of Google Earth in our environment.

· Coordinate with various vendors supporting the current GIS tasks to support various business units.

· Assist in training various IT support personnel as needed.

· Digitize small-scale and large-scale projects using digitizing techniques and generate maps with large vector datasets

· Perform attributing spatial and tabular data

· Create, adjust, correct, manage, convert and distribute base maps and thematic data layers Project and transform geospatial raster and vector data sets

· Reformat, perform georeferencing, and rectify geospatial vector data to project specific base maps, i.e., digital orthophoto

· Code and edit digital points, lines and polygons

· Perform Quality Assurance and Quality Control of GIS data

· Perform GPS and data collection

· Provide topology development

· Manage and edit large vector/raster datasets within ArcGlS / Microsoft SQL Server Manage datasets in GIS

Must have administrative skills, development experience, and hands-on experience with installing GIS Servers and ArcGIS.

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