Software Engineer

ButcherBox, Boston, MA United States

Category: Programming

Posted on: 12 Oct 2018

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About the position:

We’re looking for an experienced Software Engineer with proficiency in PHP (experience in Laravel, at least 5.0, would be a fantastic quality!) and a strong grasp of the acronyms OOP, SOLID, SRP, what they stand for & what they mean, and and how to build software according to said principles, all the while documenting their code, not only in-line, but also in standalone documentation. The candidate should also have strong communication skills, including the all-important one of asking questions and providing answers, to both fellow engineers & leadership but also business stakeholders and domain experts. Your day-to-day would consist of building out functionality according to our internal design standards while bringing your experiences to bear.

We’re a startup transitioning out of the quick-like-a-bunny development mindset to a more concentrated and structured development shop.

We just recently built, and successfully deployed, a new subscriptions platform which provides the underpinning for

We’re an industry-standards based shop: BitBucket source control, CI/CD implementation, git from the command line, PHPStorm, AWS infrastructure, having light-switch raves, many other buzzwordish technology integrations & implementations, and others too wonderful to describe (unless you’ve signed a NDA :) ).

We’re agile, insofar in that we pivot as required to meet daily internal customer needs, while maintaining weekly progress to meet goals & needs determined by the internal software team, led in part by the Platform Architect, on a weekly release basis.

This role reports to the Technical Lead.

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